6 Easy Ways To Help Your Skin And Body Age Gracefully


‘Ageing gracefully’ is a term that’s often thrown around when speaking about beauty over a certain age – but what does it even really mean?

If you ask us, ageing gracefully is more of a mindset than elements of appearance. Gracefulness comes simply from embracing the lines and signs that come with a life well-lived and accepting that your body and face will change as time goes on. But that doesn’t mean it should be any less loved.

Looking good so often translates to feeling good, so we’re all for getting that Botox, covering those greys and switching up your makeup if that’s what you want to do. If it means you’ll feel 10/10 when you look in the mirror, then who’s to say there’s anything wrong with it?

So here’s our guide to the best tips and products for ‘ageing gracefully’ – it’s up to you which ones to take or leave.

#1 Help your skin repair and resurface at night

There’s a reason retinol becomes more and more recommended as we get older. The longer our skin has been around, the slower our cell renewal process is. Retinol assists this process, helping to make way for fresh, new healthy cells to come to the surface. 

It’s best used at night and we prefer it as a step in between cleansing and moisturising. We love a single-serve capsule formula like Panemorfi Skincare Retinol Twist Caplets ($162 at panemorfi.shop) or a serum such as Olay Retinol 24 Night Serum Fragrance Free ($50.99 at Chemist Warehouse + free shipping). If your skin is particularly dry, try following with an overnight mask like CEMOY Inception Sleeping Cream & Mask ($59.95 at cemoy.com) to lock in moisture while the retinol gets to work rejuvenating.

Not everyone’s skin agrees with retinol, though (in fact, Barbrara Sturm isn’t a fan), so it’s important to find one that’s right for you. If you’ve tried retinol in the past and it didn’t agree with you, perhaps try a bakuchiol alternative like Sukin Naturals Purely Ageless Pro Intensive Rejuvenating Serum ($34.95 at Chemist Warehouse).

#2 Target concerns with tech

We’ve all got bugbears, and whether yours is sagging jowls, age spots or wrinkles, there’s a tech tool out there that can help. 

The great thing about having one of these tools in your home is that you can be consistent with treatment. We all know skin changes don’t happen overnight or just from one in-salon session (unless you go hardcore) and so being able to conduct a treatment as often as you want (and without leaving the house) often makes the investment worth it.

LED light therapy masks are a great one to look into as they can target multiple concerns in the one tool, all depending on which colour light setting you use. The Supreme Glo LED Light Therapy Beauty Mask comes in just under $200; use the red light to promote collagen, yellow to brighten and blue to treat hormonal acne.

Microcurrent facial tools are another at-home invention gaining clout, proving effective for lifting and firming the face. Ones like the FOREO BEAR use low-voltage pulsations to stimulate muscle and encourage collagen development in the dermis. If you’re worried about pain, some people describe it as more of a ‘zingy’ and tingling type sensation.  

#3 Plump and hydrate pre-makeup

Hydration is key no matter your age, but it makes for an extra important prep step when creating a beautiful makeup look on mature skin. After all, there’ll be less lines for your foundation to cling to if they’re plumped up with moisture.

The next time you’re trying for a fresh and youthful makeup look, try starting out with a face mask first. You don’t have to spend big either, something like the $6 Garnier Skin Active Ampoule Face Sheet Mask – Hyaluronic Acid Firming + Watermelon Extract will give a healthy dose of hydration in as little as five minutes.

If you’re not a mask person (or don’t even have five minutes to spare), try layering your hydration products instead. The Jurlique Activating Water Essence works beautifully before any moisturiser, but we do like a formula that features hyaluronic acid, such as Celeste Australia Bliss + Peace Daily Hydrate Moisturiser.

#4 Prevent further sun damage

We’ll keep this one short because you know the drill; SPF is the most important preventative skin ageing product we have. Use it daily.

Even better, pair it with a vitamin C serum each morning for extra antioxidant protection throughout the day. Our go-to pairing right now? Urth Skin Repair + Rewind and La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF50+.

#5 Don’t forget about your body

Our limbs face a whole different set of obstacles when it comes to ageing. Spider veins, cellulite and rough, dry skin are just some of the delightful visitors that may be dropping by more frequently.

Body moisturising is key for sure, but exfoliating first will help to make more of a difference. Not only will it slough away dead skin cells to make the pathway for your body moisturiser easier, but it will help to increase blood flow and circulation, to ward of prominent veins and dimples. In fact, both Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by dry body brushing every day. 

Why not give the practice a try using the Bodecare Tampico Dry Body Brush? Start at your feet, working your way up to the heart in circular buffing motions.

And if you’re looking for a thick and cream moisturiser to follow, try JERGENS Oil-Infused Moisturiser – Skin Firming – it spreads easy, doesn’t leave a residue and is a generous bottle for only $12.

#6 Take care of your hair and nails too

A lot of the changes in our body and face occur due to a depletion in the production of collagen, keratin and other naturally-occuring proteins and minerals. This depletion not only effects our skin, but our hair and nails too.

And just like you may start to take supplements for health ailments, your hair and nails can also benefit from some inside support.  When looking for an ingestible to help with hair thinning and weak nails, collagen, silica and biotin are all key ingredients to look out for. 

If you prefer your supplement in powder form to mix with liquids, some members have found Harmony My Beauty to be of real benefit for their hair. Also new to bh is JOSO GLOWSO™, which comes in tablet form.

Main image credit: @whitehairwisdomWhat’s your best tip for ageing gracefully? Do you have any products or rituals that make you feel more confident?

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  1. Wow I was just reading from a reputable source that it’s Vitamin C (eaten) and Sleep that are the best ingredients for boosting skin collagen! and that ingesting collagen has not been proven yet to increase it. Vitamin C in natural veges like spinach, citrus etc is the best, not vitamin C tablets btw!

    • At least 2000mg of vitamin C consumed daily along with N-Acetyl Glucosamine and collagen from fish like sardines is supposed to help immensely. Also, consuming foods rich in carotene and the caretenoid lycopene, is very beneficial as sun protection!

  2. As a fifty something, I suggest keeping it simple: What goes in makes a difference, but make it proper food, instead of useless suppliments. Use a sunscreen, keep the water up, exercise, have that bottle of champagne, don’t take anything too seriously, and laugh every chance you get. Stress is the killer.

  3. Dry body brushing has made a huge difference to my skin and skin tone. I do it every day before I shower. It ramps up your energy and makes your skin so soft. Good for your immune system as well.

  4. I think women should embrace ageing. Too much focus is on youth and younger looking skin. Helen Mirren is a perfect example of a beautiful older woman. I don’t think she has ever had any work done either. We are fortunate to be ageing and it means we are moving on to the next stage of our life, so we should enjoy it.

  5. It’s never too late to start dedicated skincare. The sooner the better and I’m eternally grateful my Mum was far beyond her years when it came to skincare, and a lot of other things too.

  6. There are so many good tips in this story I don’t know where to begin – firstly the Aging products recommended make good sense, the retinol ones work well I find but can also be a bit harsh so consider using a small trial sample of an expensive cream before shelling out big bucks (I don’t have sensitive skin but found some are a bit harsh on my skin?).

    Also the plumping products work really well on my hands especially Q10 products and slightly crepey hands will look much younger with a plumping product.

    Preventing sun damage is also a no brainer and can often reverse a little of damage done by moisturising and blocking those rays – that La Rosay Posay sunscreen is excellent too!

  7. Well I haven’t used any of these, and I don’t really think any of them are going to make a great difference to my aging body either, though it would be nice to give some of them a try.

  8. I also think you need to be grateful for all the benefits you have ie family ,friends etc each day so you stay positive and try to enjoy the moment as mental happiness also shows on your face.

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