Skeyndor VIT C Pure Vitamin Intense Recovery Factor

Skeyndor VIT C Pure Vitamin Intense Recovery Factor

Though one of the most powerful free radical fighters around, fragile vitamin C has long been the Achilles heel of anti-ageing. Super sensitive to light, temperature and other ingredients, it is very easily destabilised and rendered ineffective. But now Skeyndor has figured out how to deliver full, fresh doses of vitamin C in clever little vials.

While most skincare products infuse a base product with vitamin C that is vulnerable to heat, light-damage and depletion over time, these innovative little ampoules separate the vitamin C and moisturising serum until you’re ready to make the most of them.

Nikkol VC-IP, a newly developed, potent form of antioxidant vitamin C, is stored safe from light and air in the cap, while a pro-Vitamin B5-rich formula remains in the vial. When you pump the cap, you shake the two into a serum that will deliver pure doses of vitamin C for ten days (don’t try to squirrel it away for longer, the vitamin C can’t survive any longer than this).

Each kit contains three vials (enough for 30 days) and the type of antioxidant power that makes burgeoning wrinkles and spots of sun damage run for more collagen-laden, brighter and generally healthier territory. Lightweight, non-greasy and with a lovely citrus scent, it makes giving your complexion an intense vitamin C fix about as easy, and effective, as it gets. Unless you’re into all-day immersion in orange juice, that is…

Available at spas and beauty salons nationally. Call 1800 55 45 45.

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