Six of the best: face masks

Six of the best: face masks

Bh members roadtest the winter skin staple: face masks. We’ve got hydrating, purifying, heating, blemish-clearing and more…

Dr. Lewin’s Puressence Purifying Masque

“I have been using the Cleanser and Day/Night Fluid for about six months now and they have done wonders for my complexion – I didn’t really think it could get any better, but it can. I have now added the Purifying Masque to my routine and my skin shines with radiance and purity! You can feel it tightening and removing impurities from the moment you put it on. This is one amazing mask that every woman in their twenties should be using. Do yourself a favour and invest in the whole Puressence range …you wont be sorry.” Rating: 5/5 – Jacq  

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