Six of the best: face masks – page 6

Six of the best: face masks – page 6

Bh members roadtest the winter skin staple: face masks. We’ve got hydrating, purifying, heating, blemish-clearing and more…

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Clearing Blemish Mud Masque

“This mask worked wonders on my congested, combination skin. It removed the blackheads on and around my nose and my skin felt smooth, clean and refreshed afterwards. It’s a great treatment the day before an event. Montagne Jeunesse has a great, affordable range of masks and I have recently become a fan of their products. The only problem with these clay masks is that they can lead to an entertaining (or humiliating) moment if the family come home during the treatment!” Rating: 4/5 – Blissful Beauty 

Dr. LeWinn’sAlpha-HSanctumGarnierSK-II

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