Six of the best: face masks – page 3

Six of the best: face masks – page 3

Bh members roadtest the winter skin staple: face masks. We’ve got hydrating, purifying, heating, blemish-clearing and more…

Sanctum Certified Organic Skincare Purifying Clay Mask

“This organic purifying clay mask is gorgeous. It’s an indulgent weekly treat for the skin that is easily applied, leaving skin feeling calm and hydrated whilst drawing out impurities. After leaving it on for around 10 minutes my skin felt wonderful, the mask had beautifully penetrated the skin, leaving it feeling less congested and quite hydrated. Even the following day after I had applied my make-up, my skin still felt smoother and clearer. This product is a fantastic way to unwind and I use the 10 minutes that it’s on to relax.” Rating: 5/5 – PrettyPrincess

Dr. LeWinn’sAlpha-HGarnierSK-IIMontagne Jeunesse

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