Six of the best: face masks – page 2

Six of the best: face masks – page 2

Bh members roadtest the winter skin staple: face masks. We’ve got hydrating, purifying, heating, blemish-clearing and more…

Alpha-H 15% Glycolic Hydration Mask

“If your skin needs a boost this is the product to do it! This mask never ceases to amaze me because it corrects a multitude of skin concerns. Skin looks brighter and fresher, it’s smoother, younger looking and blackheads and impurities are sorted out too. If a zit comes up and you have something important coming up, this will help wipe it out and heal it almost overnight.” Rating: 5/5 – Glamourcat

Dr. LeWinn’sSanctumGarnierSK-IIMontagne Jeunesse

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