Six of the best: deep cleansers

Six of the best: deep cleansers

Sometimes a wash’n’go simply won’t suffice, and duty calls for a deeper kind of clean. You know, the kind of clean that won’t just leave a fresh-smelling fragrance – I’m talking the type that purifies and leaves you sparkling. But it’s not just your skin that needs deep cleaning, oh no. It’s important to ensure your whole body gets that super-duper scrub it deserves.

So if you want to be glistening from tip to toe, try on (or all!) of our six best deep cleansers…

De Lorenzo Essential Treatments Absolute Deep Cleanser

“This is literally what it says. After you’ve used this you feel what real hair is like. It works to remove all shampoo, product and silicone build-up. Is also great to use as a weekly treatment if you do a lot of swimming in chlorinated pools as it removes the build-up. A tip though – if your hair is coloured do not use often, keep it for use for about a week before your next colour session. Beautiful fragrance.” Rating: 5/5 – ski diva 

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