Simple solutions to three beauty problems

Simple solutions to three beauty problems

Got a beauty problem? Of course you do – name me one woman out there that doesn’t have some sort of issue with her skin/hair/nails/make-up and I’ll give up my job. (Ok, well I won’t exactly quit, but I’d be MIGHTY surprised!) You see, in my line of work I see, hear about, and personally experience all manner of beauty concerns and crises on a daily basis. Luckily, I also get to discover some top-notch solutions. Some of which I’m just about to share with you…

Beauty issue #1: Fine lines and wrinkles

Probably one of the biggest beauty issues of all time, you’re definitely not alone if you’ve got this skin concern on your list! So what’s the solution if you don’t want to go under the knife or have a painful professional procedure? For starters, you’d do well to give L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 a go. The reason being is that the range is formulated with a powerful blend of anti-ageing active ingredients that make the skin care benefits of using its products comparative to the results of a fractional CO2 laser treatment – minus the cost, pain and downtime of course! In fact, clinical studies* have proved that after just four weeks’ use, the women using L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 experienced a 24 per cent reduction in the wrinkle between their brows, a 27 per cent reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles, and a 20 per cent reduction in forehead wrinkles. The range is also proven** to make skin eight per cent firmer, 11 per cent denser, and 12 per cent fuller. Those using the products also found*** that their skin had 10 per cent more elasticity, and was 23 per cent more toned. Now how’s that for a great problem solver?

Beauty issue #2: Split, damaged ends

Ever looked down at the ends of your hair only to be utterly horrified at how damaged they are? Yep, me too. But if you can’t afford a visit to the salon to have your split ends snipped off every few weeks, then you’ll need a range of hair care products that specifically targets the treatment of said split ends. Enter TRESemmé Split Remedy – the hair care range that is said to repair up to 80 per cent of your split ends in just three uses thanks to a special ‘reconstructing complex’ within the formulation. You see, split ends are negatively charged, and so the polymers in the reconstructing complex – which are positively charged– attach to the negative charges inside each split, helping to bind your split ends together. Clever, huh? Try the Split Remedy Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioning Spray, and Split End Sealing Serum.

Beauty issue #3: Brittle, breaking nails

There’s nothing worse than having nails that break, flake and peel. Not only does it make it near impossible to achieve perfectly manicured nails that are all the same length, but it’s also really annoying to constantly have to deal with the rough edges that come from constantly breaking nails. Manicare Daily Nail Hardener is a simple and affordable solution to this common beauty problem. On application, it instantly bonds with your nail to create a protective shield that helps reinforce your nail so that it can grow longer and stronger. The best bit is that you can use it on its own every day, or as a base coat with your favourite nail colour. It’s also formaldehyde and toluene free, so you can be sure it won’t be secretly damaging your nails in other ways.

*L’Oreal Paris supplementary clinical tests. Clinical scoring after 4 weeks on, respectively, 51/58/56 women.
** L’Oreal Paris supplementary clinical tests. Instrumental test on 40 women after one application/42 women after four weeks.
*** L’Oreal Paris supplementary Clinical tests. Clinical scoring on 58 women and instrumental test on 40 women after one application.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? What are your most common beauty issues that you’d like solved?

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