8 Signs You’re Not Cleansing Your Face Thoroughly Enough

8 Signs You’re Not Cleansing Your Face Thoroughly Enough

For most of us, cleansing our face is the first and most prized step of our skin care routine. This daily ritual acts as a pick-me-up in the morning and a way to wind down at night, as we take a moment to remove our makeup and let our skin breathe. 

However, despite never failing to cleanse, we can still find that our skin is falling victim to breakouts, redness and various sensitivities. Consequently, we go on a wild goose chase to find the perfect skin care routine or active ingredient that claims to be a magic solution, when in fact, we should focus on mastering step one instead.

The same holds true for baking a cake: you can buy the most finely milled flour and the most expensive biodynamic, organic eggs, but if you don’t spend the time sifting and mixing the ingredients together, your cake will turn out lumpy and gritty. 

Similarly, when it comes to cleansing our faces, regardless of how much money you’ve spent on your cleanser and what it promises to achieve, if you do not properly massage it into your skin and remove all the dirt, oil and makeup, you will end up with bumps, clogged pores, and overall unhappy skin.

So if you suspect that you might not be cleansing your face as effectively as you could be, here are the telltale signs to look out for:

  1. Dull skin

It doesn’t matter how many brightening vitamin C serums you use, if you don’t wash and exfoliate your face, dead skin cells will build up and your skin will lose its glow. 

  1. You’ve still got makeup on

Whether it’s transferring to your wash cloth the next morning, or it’s coming onto your cotton pad when you’re exfoliating, these are obvious signs that you’re not cleansing properly. 

  1. Frequent breakouts and clogged pores

By keeping skin clean, it will limit the amount of bacteria sitting on the surface, therefore lessening the chance of triggering breakouts and clogging pores. 

  1. Your makeup is flaking off

If you fail to clean your face properly, it can drastically change the texture of your skin, making it feel rough to the touch. Just as cleansers are used to prevent the excess production of oil, they also work to infuse dry skin with hydration and moisturising ingredients. And in turn, avoiding it from becoming dry, flaky and irritated.

  1. Redness or irritation

Without thorough cleansing, pollution and harsher products like sunscreen remain on the skin for too long. As a result, chemicals that have the potential to trigger irritation may fester and lead to inflammation and red patches.

  1. You’re finding makeup on your pillowcase

Waking up to find orange or black makeup marks on your pillowcase?  Your pillowcase is a telltale sign for distinguishing whether you’re going to bed with a clean face.

Have you experienced any of these signs?

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  1. Even after double cleansing I used to find makeup especially foundation or tinted moisturiser left on my skin, but since using a cleansing device for at least one cleanse this is a thing of the past. 🧖🏻‍♀️

  2. Yes I agree that Cleansing is so important to remove makeup and grime, from your Face and Neck every night also to exfoliate as well l do cleanse in the evening and exfoliate when I have my Shower in the Morning. 🤍💗

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