Is your skin in a serious rut?


Have your skin care products stopped working? Is your complexion looking seriously crepey and all dried up? Don’t sweat it. Chances are there are a few factors contributing to your less-than-lustrous complexion, but with a few little tweaks to your routine, you can get your skin back to gleaming with health.


Healthy skin is glowing skin, so if your mug is looking majorly dull, then it’s time to give it a boost. A facial exfoliant should be your first go-to for whisking away dead, flaky skin cells to reveal new, brighter-looking skin. After removing your make-up and cleansing your face, give it a gentle scrub with an exfoliator, making sure you get in all the nooks, like the corner of your nose and around your hairline. Afterwards, smooth a brightening serum over your skin, followed by a hydrating moisturiser. You’ll notice how easily they glide over your skin and give it an instant glow!

bh product picks: Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator, Thalgo Brightening Rejuvenating – Brightening Regulating Essence


Has your skin been looking patchy, and feeling like the life has been completely sucked out of it? Your go-to solution might be to slather on a giant dollop of moisturiser in the hope it will finally give your skin all the hydration it needs. Stop right there. Over-using moisturiser can actually clog and overload your skin, so instead, opt for a hydrating facial oil to deeply nourish, and then smooth on a rich balm to lock in vital moisture. Your skin will thank you for it!

bh product picks: Palmer’s Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil, Bellamer Soothing Balm


Following a skin care routine religiously, but just not seeing results? Chances are you’re not exfoliating or removing make-up properly, meaning your oils, serums and moisturisers can’t really penetrate your skin. Be sure to rid your skin of make-up first and foremost with a quality make-up remover or micellar cleansing water, and then scrub the dead skin cells away. Do that, and your skin care products will start working way harder.

bh product picks: L’Oreal Paris 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water, Neutrogena Pore Refining Exfoliating Cleanser

Is your skin showing any of the signs of being in a rut? Will you be making any changes to your skin care routine?

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