Shaynna Blaze shares an inside look into her beauty routine


COVID-19 has taken many things from us, and curling up on the couch each night to watch our favourite interior designer and judge of The Block, Shaynna Blaze, has been one of them.

Thankfully, the filming of the hit renovation show has now been resumed and the next season confirmed to air on August 23, 2020. But while we wait to virtually snoop through the room reveals each Sunday, Shaynna has shared with beautyheaven an inside look of another kind: her beauty routine. 

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Much like her interior style, Shaynna keeps her beauty simple and sophisticated. And, in true Shaynna fashion, she doesn’t shy away from a fun yet functional detail, revealing a red lipstick as her makeup must-have: “it works perfectly on a good day for extra sass or brightens you up on a bad day”. 

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When it comes to picking paint for walls or in this case, paint for her nails, Shaynna knows exactly what she likes and won’t be convinced otherwise. “Nude or black – nothing in between!” she tells us.

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When it comes to her skin care, Shaynna admits she wasn’t always savvy,  “the Australian sun did play havoc with a burnt nose every year,” she says. “It wasn’t until I hit my early 20s that staying out of the sun and using SPF was a reality”.

Fast forward from Shaynna’s first regimen, consisting of “soap, water and basic moisturiser”, and she’s now learnt the value of consistency when it comes to the daily ritual. “You need to make it part of your daily routine, and you can’t do it for a couple of weeks and expect the results you imagine,” she says.  It really is part of your daily life, like brushing your teeth”.

When it comes to her night time routine, “I always cleanse twice, as for me the first cleanse removes the day’s makeup and the second provides a thorough cleanse. I use the Neostrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash ($54.99); I love that it effectively removes oil and makeup without over-drying my skin. It’s great for a deep cleanse.”

Next, “I follow with Neostrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy ($74.99), I find this is my saviour if I’m fighting signs of fatigue. It deflates any puffiness whilst delivering all of its anti-ageing goodness. I then add the Neostrata Skin Active Tri-Therapy Lifting Serum ($74.99), followed by the Neostrata Skin Active Cellular Restoration ($74.99) and finally the Neostrata Skin Active Triple Firming Neck Cream ($74.99, all products available at Priceline). I take the time to massage the products into my skin; I love the ritual of applying skincare in the evening as I know it can work its magic while I sleep!”

Image credit: @shaynnablaze

And while Shaynna credits what she uses for her radiant complexion, the how also plays an important role. In techniques learnt from many beauty treatments along the way, Shaynna explains, “I have always used an upward massage stroke on my throat, chin and cheeks. I pat my eye cream instead of dragging it across the eye area and if I have time I pat all over with the tips of my fingers”.

As for getting older? Shaynna says she’s honoured. “I think getting older is a privilege, not everyone gets to do it.  You can get older and still feel young by taking care of yourself inside and out, and not sweating the small stuff”. 

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  1. Exactly! Reaching more and more years is a privilege. Lucky those of us who get to live more years, thank you universe! With time passing (and cells with their shortening telomeres ) there is nothing to discuss. You can not play with time and nature. But can influence and control your health. Eat good stuff (for human metabolism) and have a plenty of fresh air outdoors. Do some things you love and walk. Life is so simple.

  2. Shaynna Blaze looks great for her age and it’s good that she cleansers twice and indeed it does make your skin glow with the use of a Serum as well. By using Neostrata Skincare Product Range.

  3. I’m right with her on the red lippy & black nail polish, but I won’t abide with nudes! I really like her positive attitude.

    I find it curious that she applies her eye cream before her serum.

  4. I Googled her because I’ve never heard of her, & she’s 57! I think she looks pretty good for her age.

    She didn’t get sun-smart until her 20s: it’s in youth that the sun damage that causes ageing occurs. I’m 53, & back in the 70s, nobody was sun-smart.

  5. I think Shaynna is an amazing interior designer and I love how she can change a space so effortlessly. To me, reading her beauty routine and the products she uses just sounds like an advertisement for Neostrata.

  6. I so agree that getting older is a privilege. I have a friend who is always saying that getting old is a bitch. I always respond with “Well it sure beats the alternative”

  7. I saw images of her own house on real estate, probably a couple of years ago now. Beautifully decorated. She is so talented. I’ve not tried Neostrata but I’ve heard good things about it.

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