Grooming mistakes your guy is making


We’re probably all a little guilty of assuming that shaving comes second nature to men. The fact is, much like with a woman’s skincare regimen, if they’re not taught properly in the beginning, odds are they’ve acquired some bad habits along the way.

Recently, we sent resident beautyheaven boy Andy along to a Gillette event, where he was lucky enough to go back to basics and learn how to shave all over again, thanks to the help of the Gillette ‘Faceology’ gentleman’s guide to shaving system.

“As shaving isn’t exactly the kind of thing you learn about in school and is generally just a self-taught process from an early age, personally I had formed a few bad habits that added unnecessary irritation to my skin during the shaving process. The Gillette experience identified these and did a great job of explaining the art and science behind the perfect shave – certainly something that every guy should be taught at least once before they take a sharp blade to their face on a daily basis,” says Andy.

Here are the big four bad shaving habits Andy had picked up over the years – and tips on how to banish them.

1) Not softening my beard

“I had never, ever done this, but it definitely pays to soften up the bristles of your beard beforehand using a hot damp towel over your whole face for 60 seconds before shaving.”

bh tip: It also pays to start any shave with a product that can help to prep your skin and the hairs. We love Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard, as it prepares skin for shaving by softening the beard in order to minimise razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

2) Not understanding the way my beard grows

“Everyone has a unique pattern of growth that’s different on each side of the face. Understanding the directions that hair grows in allows us to ensure we shave in the right direction at all times.”

bh tip: for the best in after-shave care, you really can’t go past nourishing options like Imperial Leather No. 1 Original Aftershave Lotion and NIVEA Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm, which both provide the calming care a guys skin so needs post-shave.

3) Applying too much pressure with the razor

“You actually don’t need to apply any force; just running the razor down your face is all that’s required.  Before I would literally press the shaver really hard and drag it down my face.”

Our razor of choice? Gillette Fusion ProGlide™ Manual, as it features advanced blade technology with a five-blade shaving surface on the front and back of a single shaving cartridge to help reduce pressure for a more comfortable shave.

4) Not shaving my lip right

“When shaving the upper lip, the best way to get a close shave is to shave across the face horizontally over the lips.  Sounds like it would cut your lips, but it’s actually fine.”

bh tip: If you’re after a luxurious shave cream, you can’t go past L’Occitane Cade Shaving Cream. Upon contact with your skin it turns into a luxurious mousse and contains shea butter and moisturising glycerine.

How many bad habits is your guy guilty of?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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