The science behind the skincare

The science behind the skincare

78 per cent of people know that 43 per cent of statistics don’t mean anything. At least, that’s the joke one of my uni lecturers used to crack when discussing the claims made in most advertisments. Too much of it can be skewed by perception, he’d say.

This was also the concern the creators of Cosmedicine had when developing their line of scientifically-based skincare. So, to take ‘consumer impressions’ and anecdotal evidence out of the equation and focus on actual, measurable results instead, Cosmedicine called in experts from revered US medical university Johns Hopkins.

Now, the school didn’t research, develop or endorse any Cosmedicine products, but Johns Hopkins did design and evaluate the trials done at other testing agencies – so when Cosmedicine claims that a product can increase skin hydration by 29 per cent, Johns Hopkins agrees that actual measurements have proven it so. True, the uni didn’t exactly do the duties for free (universities have to pay the bills somehow), but its reputation still gives Cosmedicine an edge at the skincare counter. It’s a point of difference that has seen the brand blaze a trail onto the bestsellers list in Sephora stores around the US.

Today Cosmedicine hits Kit Cosmetics shelves in Australia too. Beautyheaven took a sneak peek at the range a few weeks ago and I’ve been using some of the products ever since. So, do we think the science stacks up?

I don’t have a science degree, a lab coat or even a ruler to measure any results, but I do know this: Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte Oil Control Lotion SPF20 ($65) has been a revelation for my shiny skin. It doesn’t pack over oil slicks like powder or even mop them up; Medi-Matte vaporises oil to keep my face matte (and apparently reduce my sebum levels by up to 44 per cent) for hours at a time. I’ve seriously kicked my pack of blotting papers a day habit.

The Healthy Cleanse Foaming Cleanserand Toner in One ($55) and Honest Face Skin Tint ($55) are alos on my list of new favourites. I love that the cleanser bubbles beautifully to leave me feeling fresh and zingingly clean without any tightness. And the vitamin C and E-enriched tint gives me just enough coverage to maintain an I’m-not-wearing-any-make-up façade as well as the SPF20 protection that I won’t leave home without.

As for the statistics, well, I just have to trust the percentages from Cosmedicine like anyone else – but I’ve got to say that the Johns Hopkins link makes that easier to do. I’ll be one of the beauty hounds hitting Kit to check out the rest of the range ASAP. Skincare sceptics and aficionados, I’ll see you there…

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