Three reasons Sandra Bullock looks so fabulous at 48


Let’s turn our attention to the fact that Ms Bullock is 48. FORTY EIGHT, people! But before you start asking how on earth this is possible, she’s clearly got a few grooming tips up her sleeve that leave her defying age and her skin glowing. Luckily we know what they are, and we’re willing to share…

REASON SANDRA BULLOCK LOOKS GREAT AT 48 #1: the freshly chopped ‘do

OK, so I’m not entirely sure just how fresh said haircut is, but her strands are a good 10cm shorter than the last time she donned a frock on the red rug. And they make her look fresh. And youthful. And modern. By ditching the excess tresses, she’s breathed new life into her ‘do, you see – it’s now bouncy, stylish and seriously chic. This slightly-longer-than-collar-bone length style also allows her to hold on to her length, without looking like she’s trying too hard to hold on to her twenties.

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I’ll never understand why women are afraid to wear bold lips. I mean, look how outstanding Sandy B looks with that bold fuchsia lip? It makes her skin look warm and healthy, her cheeks appear wonderfully glowy, and it also makes her eyes pop. This particular colour adds an element of fun to her rather dark frock, too, which a traditional red hue would’ve failed to achieve. Oh, and a bright lip means she also requires less eye make-up, which is ideal if this area is an ageing concern.

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REASON SANDRA BULLOCK LOOKS GREAT AT 48 #3: the even-toned skin

If you’ve never thought about using sunscreen and pigmentation-clearing skin care, allow Sandra to inspire you to do so, because that’s exactly why her arms, décolletage and face look so youthful. Pigmentation is often the reason we look older than our years – not wrinkles – so ensure you add products that tackle freckles, sunspots and uneven skin tone into your skin care regimen today. Oh, and to maintain all the hard work your brightening and whitening skin care products are doing, never set foot outside without sunscreen on. If you do, those spots will start reappearing in no time, and that would be immensely unfortunate.

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Do you think Sandra Bullock looks outstanding for her age? Have you ever used any of these anti-ageing tricks? What are your anti-ageing tips and tricks

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