Everyone’s got a beauty dilemma they can’t solve themselves. For me, it’s curling my hair. But that’s a whole other story…

We’ve rounded up a few common beauty problems that we should possibly be leaving to those in the know, because sometimes DIY is simply a little dangerous or just doesn’t cut it. Yep, help is always at hand, beauties, and we suggest you embrace it!

BEAUTY ISSUE: your wrinkles are becoming more prominent, or your problem acne just won’t clear up.
PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: OMNILUX. This all-healing treatment helps to rejuvenate ageing and congested skin using different colours and wavelengths of light. Aestheticians can specifically target acne bacteria (OMNILUX blue), uneven skin-tone (OMNILUX plus) and even reduce wrinkles (OMNILUX revive), depending on your needs. How? Each coloured LED treatment head works with the body's own natural processes to counteract the effects of ageing and promote healing.

BEAUTY ISSUE: you’re rubbish at applying fake tan.
PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: Naked Tan spray tan. No matter how good you think you are at applying fake tan, there’s barely any risk of orange palms, blotchy legs and missed body parts when you leave it to the professionals. Bonus: the Naked Tan formula is made from natural tanning ingredients, and contains aloe vera to hydrate the skin.

BEAUTY ISSUE: you’ve neglected your back (it is hard to reach, after all!), and your skin needs attention. 

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: Ella Bache’s Back Detox Treatment. This 45-minute treatment consists of a back exfoliation, massage and detoxifying mask, which will not only eliminate toxins but also leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.

BEAUTY ISSUE: you want a slimmer physique with less cellulite, but are too lazy to exercise.
PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: Guinot techniSPA Double Slimming Treatment. With three sessions a week over four consecutive weeks, this stimulating skin treatment can increase skin firmness by a massive 35% and help you lose centimetres around the thighs. It works by breaking down the cell structure of cellulite, and then builds muscle tissue for firmer skin. Goodbye, orange-peel legs!

BEAUTY ISSUE: your usual at-home hair dye just isn’t cutting it when it comes to shiny hair and sparse greys.

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: L'Oréal Professionnel Hi.Richesse hair colour. This deluxe long-lasting, in-salon colour and shine-enhancing treatment will not only disguise your greys and leave you with a luminous hue, it’ll nourish the hair fibre and promote strong, healthy hair too. 

BEAUTY ISSUE: you’d rather be hair free ‘down there’ but aren’t confident with a pot of wax.

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: endota day spa’s intimate Brazilian waxing. Performed in a relaxing, spa-treatment environment, the experts at endota will ensure a no-fuss, easy waxing experience.

BEAUTY ISSUE: the bottoms of your feet are rough and calloused, and your pumice stone just isn’t cutting it.
PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: DMK MediPedi. Get your soft, smooth baby-esque feet back courtesy of the highly-experienced DMK team. Cracked, rough and calloused footsies don’t stand a chance.

BEAUTY ISSUE: you want bolder brows, but they look seriously fake when you pencil them in yourself.

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Tinting. Put your brows in the well-trained Benebabes’ hands, who’ll use dye to temporarily darker your brows. The result? Fuller-looking, bolder brows. Win!

What beauty treatments do you leave to the professionals? Have you tried any of the above problem solvers?