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Rewards Room is right around the corner, and now is the time to window shop your favourite products before the shop front is live.

Have a browse through all the products that you can get your hands on and collate your wish list!

CLICK HERE To View Window Shopping

We recommend favouriting all your top products so you’re ready to check out when Rewards Room officially opens next week. Remember, there’s only a limited quantity of each product, so it’s first in, first serve!

You should already have alarms set, but just in case you missed it, the Rewards Room is officially opening at 11am AEDST on Monday 22nd November, and at 10am AEDST on Monday 22nd November for our Platinum members!


We’re giving you the chance to win a Best of Rewards Room 2021 prize pack (handpicked by the beautyheaven team), valued at up to $1000! EVERY ORDER will be ONE ENTRY into the draw to win.


The more points you spend per order, the more points you’ll get back!

Spend 300-499 points = 100 points back/200 points back for Platinum members

Spend 500-699 points= 200 points back/300 points back for Platinum members

Spend 700+ points = 300 points back/400 points back for Platinum members


Please click here to view our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the beautyheaven Rewards Program

Please also note-only members who have reached Silver, Gold or Platinum status are able to view the Window Shopping/Rewards Room shop front and cash in their points for beauty products.

*T&Cs apply.

Who’s excited? What products are you hoping to get your hands on?

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    • Lucy: as far as I can deduce, that should only be for Bronze & Silver members to indicate how many points they need to reach the next membership level.

      Platinum is not dependent on points, so Gold members shouldn’t have “TO PLATINUM” on their profile pages. I’m Platinum & I’ve got “TO,” but it doesn’t say to what.

    • I haven’t redeemed for yonks so I ordered up big. Window shopping took ages. Must admit I got a bit carried away with the cart and needed to delete a couple of things as points didn’t quite stretch. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

  1. I’ve been saving up my points for a while now. Both intentionally and because I haven’t seen anything in the last few beautoriums that I really Res a few goodies that have caught my eye this time though. On the upside I have plenty of points to cover my wish list which is a win.

  2. On a random note, I was hoping to buy a new beauty product I had come across. Knowing that this brand was available through the Rewards Room, I did a quick search and as it turned out, it was there! Now adjusting my wishlist for the final time!

    • It’s killing many of us, Lucrecia. If the “CLICK HERE To View Window Shopping” link in the article isn’t working, go to the top right, next to the MY ACCOUNT tab – it says WINDOW SHOPPING. (I’m on PC. If you’re on smartphone, it might be different.)

      It’s not as easy as previous RRs – everything is harder on the new site!

    • I typed out a reply to you, Lucrecia, but it didn’t post!

      If you’re on PC, there’s a WINDOW SHOPPING tab at the top right, next to MY ACCOUNT.

      Yes, this new site is killing a lot of us! The RR is so much harder to navigate this time around.

  3. I put in my orders early! I had enough points to make 4 x 700+ points orders, but I only did 2.

    It was glitchy, but I got there in the end. I didn’t order some of the makeup items because they didn’t specify the colour & I didn’t want to take a lucky dip.

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