Everything I’ve Been Doing To Repair The Skin On My Chest And Neck

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Having been a beauty lover for most of my life, I’ve always been clued up on the benefits of sun protection. But does that mean I listened? No, which is why I now find myself on a quest to repair my sun-damaged chest.

I’ve always been diligent when it comes to face sunscreen and taking care of my skin… from the neck up. But now the contrast between my chest and face is getting quite obvious. Dammit.

So if you’ve found yourself in the same boat or are looking to take care of your décolletage before things get dire, here’s everything I’ve been doing to rectify the situation.

My sun-damaged chest before…

Even minus the freckles, the skin on my chest is quite pigmented. The sun damage has also created a fair bit of texture and combined they leave my décolletage looking almost lizard-skin-like. This is what I’m keen to fix and I’ll be extending the routine up my neck also, in order to prevent it from the same fate.

What I’m doing to repair it

Dedicating to daily vitamin C and sunscreen

First things first, there’s no point starting a journey of repair unless I’m also going to commit to preventing any further damage. So I’ve been extending my morning antioxidant and sunscreen protection all the way down to my boobs, and not getting dressed until I’ve done so.

For my dose of vitamin C, I’ve actually found myself partial to oil over serum. I find the texture to be really nourishing for the dry skin I’m combating and it goes further to cover a large area. I like to use the same sunscreen as my face for blending ease, and prefer a spreadable, fluid-like formula for such a reason also.

Extending my exfoliation routine

To combat present texture and to help fade pigmentation, I’ve begun using a chemical exfoliant on my chest as well as my face. I do this every third evening or so to help resurface the skin.

Using chest (and neck) specific treatments

Although I’m constantly told how different the skin on our neck and décolletage is, I do think a lot of the products in our face and body routines can do double duty. Repairing sun damage on the chest can’t be that different to the face after all. But I have been testing the waters with area-specific treatments too…

The Wrinkles Schminkles Chest Wrinkle Patch is one product I’ve found actually works. It tackles my lizard-like skin overnight and leaves it looking smooth come morning. So far the results have only been temporary, (kind of like a plumping sheet mask before makeup) but I’m hoping with prolonged use it’ll have a long-term effect.

I’ve also been trying the SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair, which is specifically formulated for the neck but I use it on the chest also. She’s outrageously expensive but my pigmentation is already seeing an improvement so stay tuned on this one…

Utilising leftover hydration

Ever tried a serum you didn’t quite like? Or a moisturiser with a texture too tacky? Or a smell not so great? Don’t waste it. Use it on your chest!

Let’s be honest, the thought of wasting your exxy face creams on your chest is an uneasy one. We’re not made of money. But I tell you what, it’s a great place to slather your duds! (Or just the ones that didn’t quite make the face grade but still have plenty of benefit).

The results so far

It’s been about three weeks since my initial before picture and while the changes aren’t yet visible to the naked eye, I myself have noticed some improvement.

My texture is smoother, particularly the day after exfoliating. I think the pigmentation creeping up my neck has also begun to fade thanks to the Neck Repair. But the chest still has a while to go, and the results aren’t impressive enough for an after picture just yet.

I’ll continue with the above routine for another three weeks and update you on the progress… stay tuned.

In the meantime, do you have any sun-damage repair tips I can try? Have you had any success with any chest/neck products?

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  1. I think this is a great article as this is an area I have ignored to to my peril . I now use sunscreen and face cream in this area and have noticed a slight improvement

  2. Great article about an area of skin that’s often forgotten when it comes to sun protection. I’ve noticed over the years that if I have worn a low neckline top and got burned or tanned in this area that it takes a really long time to fade back to pale skin, sometimes nearly a year! I no longer buy low neckline tee shirts to try avoiding my chest being sundamaged . I wish I protected my neck and chest area from the sun decades ago and hope I don’t end up with turkey neck. I now plaster sunscreen on my neck if I’m going to be outside for a while. At night I slap oils or moisturisers on my neck and have noticed a big difference in the skin texture.

  3. Even though I have used SPF; Night Creams; Serums and manual Exfoliants on my neck and décolletage over the years (well decades) I too have concerns Samantha. Mine isn’t a different colour but I can see lines forming.
    I do like the sound of Wrinkles Schminkles. I am a great believer in not wasting creams, lotions & potions. If I don’t like it on my face, I use it mainly on the back of my hands before going to bed.

  4. Something similar happened to me with the tops of my feet which are now permanently tanned and pigmented from all the times I wore flats and left them deliberately exposed in the sun. It is quite noticeable and now I have to apply sunscreen all the time to this area. I am also working on lightening the skin in this area but I know it will take me years, decades…

  5. Oh yes! Great reminder to keep these areas protected and cared for. Never too late! My skin on neck and chest now is great as I’m using up everything that my face skin is not a fan of too much. Also body butters and lotions, topping up whatever I’m using up from facial skincare.

  6. My mum always told me growing up to extend your products down this way and I’m so glad i listened to her! It’s such a common problem in women and something young girls don’t ever consider. Thank you for this article and bringing attention to such an under appreciated part of skincare!

  7. Always try to make sure that I use the same Neck Cream on my décolletage as well, trying to keep the wrinkles away also when I put makeup on my face I always put it on my Neck and décolletage as well.

  8. i actually had ipl on mine. helped so much. my neck looked old. you can also try microneedling. now i use aspect pigment punch body, glycolic acid and retinol… with sunscreen

  9. Its really good to know there is products out there to help with the chest and neck, i do get a lot of little allergy pimples on my back during summer which would be great to exfoliate

  10. I am concerned with the state of my skin on my chest. It is starting to look old and a bit haggard from too many days in the sun, most days I have sunscreen on but I never thought of exfoliating or using other antioxidants in this area. Great article!!

  11. I have always applied my moisturizer on my face front and back of neck area and chest area. But have been told my skin looks good (for my age they add) because I never smoked!

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