How to reduce redness from acne

How to reduce redness from acne

Acne is a pain – whether it’s a fresh pimple or residual redness and scarring, it makes life just that little bit harder. That’s why we have rounded up the best skincare ingredients to help reduce redness from acne, and the best makeup products to combat it. Say hello to happy skin.

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If you suffer from acne and the potential redness and scarring that comes with it, you’ve no doubt tried a range of skincare ingredients and products already. However, when it comes to reducing redness from acne, there are a few key ingredients to look for that could be making a world of difference.


Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that works to soothe skin. It also stimulates the production of ceramides, which are crucial in forming your skin’s lipid barrier and protecting it from external aggressors.

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Salicylic acid

A BHA that works to gently but deeply exfoliate the skin, salicylic acid is a game-changer for acne sufferers. It decongests pores while minimising skin redness and swelling. Top tip: if you already suffer from redness from acne, avoid granular or physical exfoliants as they have the potential to irritate and inflame your skin further.

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Vitamin C

Most-commonly associated with brightening skin, vitamin C is also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. Plus, in the same way it works to even skin tone and reduce hyperpigmentation, it can also reduce redness and acne scars.

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And while it is best to address the root of the problem with active skincare ingredients, makeup can play a huge role in evening skin tone and neutralising redness. With more effective colour correcting options than ever before, here are a few makeup products to try out for reducing redness from acne:

Colour correcting moisturiser

 IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Correcting Cream (find it at works primarily as a moisturiser, with soothing ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal and peptides, but is infused with colour correcting pigments to neutralise redness.

Colour correcting concealer

Estee Lauder Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo (find it at comes in a range of colour correcting shades, however, if redness is your major issue opt for green. This product has two different levels of coverage, offering an all-day formula for larger areas or a hydrating concentrate with sponge applicator for targeted areas.  

Colour correcting primer

Boasting an anti-pollution complex, as well as a blurring effect, Clarins SOS Primer (find it at in Green is perfect for diminishing redness and evening the complexion, as well as ensuring makeup lasts the whole day!

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