The reasons your skin is red


When it comes to a flushed complexion, there’s having a natural, rosy glow and then there’s the kind of rouge that looks like you’re embarrassed, overheated, and fresh from a 1,000 km run.

And if you tend to suffer from the latter quite a bit, you’re probably a little frustrated about it. Because let’s face it (no pun intended), not only does having a red face make it harder to nail the whole make-up thing, but people mention it all the time. Oh, and let’s not forget that sometimes it’s uncomfortable as hell.

The good news is that you’re not doomed to living with a permanently beet-red complexion and dealing with a thousand questions about why you’re blushing so much. You just need to know what could be causing your flare-ups, and you’re halfway there.

So here are five reasons your skin may be a lot redder than you’d like:

The food you eat

You may already know that spices and sauces like chili, white pepper, black pepper and paprika can make your face flush faster than you can swallow your food, but did you know that tomato, vinegar, spinach, peas, banana, chocolate, and even yoghurt can cause the kind of irritation that leads to redness? Eliminating these foods can help keep that redness at bay.

The alcohol you drink

Sad, but true. Alcohol, especially red wine, beer, bourbon, gin, vodka and champagne, is one of the major culprits when it comes to facial redness and rosacea flare-ups.

Your emotions

Stress and anxiety can play a big part in turning your complexion from creamy to crimson in no time at all, which is why it’s a good idea to try to keep your emotions in check. We know, we know, that’s easier said than done, but a few deep-breathing exercises should help.

The weather

The heat and humidity of summer don’t exactly put you on the fast-track to a glowy complexion, so be sure to limit your sun exposure, wear LOTS of sunscreen, and wear a hat that covers your face well.

Your skin’s sensitivity

As someone who suffers from redness and rosacea, you’re probably well aware that certain skin care and make-up products don’t sit so well on your skin. That could be because they include ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, witch hazel, eucalyptus or menthol.

Now that you know what might be causing those pesky flare-ups, we can talk about how to treat skin redness. The key is to use products that are free from the above triggers and instead contain natural, soothing ingredients that are kind to sensitive skin. The Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue range – which is made up of the Soothing Moisturising Cream, Restorative Treatment Serum, and Calming Mist – contains Jurlique’s Comfort Complex, a combination of soothing and nourishing ingredients and extracts that comfort sensitive skin and work to reduce redness.

Handy hint: you can use all three goodies morning and night as part of your regular skin care regime, but the mist is a good one to carry around with you in the day for on-the-go comfort.

Do you suffer from skin redness or rosacea? What are the biggest things that cause flare-ups for you?

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