Read oil about it

Read oil about it

If you take an interest in treating your tresses, or you’re wondering about the next steps in upping the TLC-factor for your hair, then odds are you’ve heard whispers about hair oil – and you’re wondering whether it’s worth investing in some of the silky stuff yourself? Let us put your mind at ease, we’ve got the facts guys.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the newest treatment hair oils to hit our desks, the Dove Therapy Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment. This little beauty is available at your supermarket and costs you less than your daily lunch – and that’s just a small part of why it’s so good.

Did you know that when it comes to dry and damaged hair, Dove Therapy Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment can be the most effective solution to treating the problem. Why you ask? Well, there are a few reasons…

  • -It’s lightweight, which means they won’t weigh down fine hair.
  • -The fact that it’s an oil means that the consistency allows for a more even distribution, so you’re able to treat each section of the strand. Dove’s Nourishing Hair Oil Treatment contains coconut and sweet almond oil, which are both known for being high in essential fatty acids and a broad spectrum of vitamins (like A, B1, D and E), minerals and proteins.
  • -It’s easily absorbed. The hair shaft is able to easily absorb treatment oils, without looking too shiny, or leaving a greasy residue.
  • -It fights frizz. The essential oils in the formulation work to tame the hair shaft and coat it with a soothing seal that reduces flyaways, while repairing the hair follicle at the same time.
  • -A little goes a long way. Unlike other hair care products, just a pea-sized amount of Dove Therapy Nutritive Nourishing Oil Care Treatment will ensure you cover your whole head of hair. Be sure to focus on the area that is the most damaged, like your lower lengths for example. 

What are your thoughts on hair treatment oils?

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