Rating and reviewing products on beautyheaven

Rating and reviewing products on beautyheaven

We love reviews. They help make beautyheaven the site it is and provide invaluable information for your fellow beauty addicts to research products before they buy them.

To help us reward you for your time and effort in tellng us your experience of products, you need to be a member of beautyheaven to submit a review (which means you can start earning valuable points!). Not a member yet? Sign up here.

To submit a review once you’ve signed up, simply find the product you’d like to review by using the product search box at the top right of every page or by heading over to our products page. Once on the product listing, you can review the product by hitting the Rate/review product button on the left-hand side.

Reviews policy

Please respect our community and readers by submitting reviews only of products you have genuinely tried recently. 

We reward each and every approved review with five loyalty points. Once you have earned 351 points or above you are eligible to swap your points for free beauty products in the beautyheaven Rewards Room, our loyalty rewards area. 

What’s more, if you consistently submit reviews that are of a high quality and are useful to members, you have the chance to be invited to join our Platinum membership group, which gives you access to exclusive product trials, competitions and rewards. So the message is this: the more quality reviews you submit, the more beauty benefits you will receive!

Please note: not all reviews submitted to beautyheaven are published. Our team reads each review before it is approved for publication and reserves the right to reject any that don’t meet our criteria below and breach our terms of use.

Want to ensure your review hits the mark? Read our FAQs below.

What makes a good review?

To give a full account of your experience, we ask you to be honest, but helpful, and  ensure your review focuses on the following types of details: 

  • How the product smelled
  • What it looked/felt like on your skin/hair
  • How you felt/looked after using the product
  • If the product wasn’t right for you, who you think it would suit (i.e. – skin and hair types)
  • What you thought of the packaging.

Please note that any bad or offensive language will not be published, but that’s a no-brainer, right?

How long should my review be?

Your review should be a minimum of one paragraph. We recognise that certain products can be summed up in a few sentences, but others need much more explanation. As a general rule, if you have covered the points mentioned above, your review will be accepted.

Does beautyheaven prefer positive reviews over negative reviews?

Beautyheaven welcomes all reviews, positive or negative. All we ask is that you explain the reasons why you liked/didn’t like it so others find your review as useful as possible. If a reviewer has had a negative experience with a product we often like to give your feedback to the brand concerned. It also might be possible that you used a product not suitable for your skin, and it gives brands an opportunity to respond to your concerns and give you recommendations and application tips.

Can I submit a review I’ve already had published on a different site?

No. We like all our reviews to be unique to our site as these give the most value to our readers. Please do not submit reviews that have already been published on other sites or your own personal blog. 

My review hasn’t been published yet. Why not?

Because we focus on quality reviews, we like to read each one personally (plus, we like to get the inside track on the products you’re trying, too!). Please allow up to a week after submission for your review to be approved.

Why was my review rejected?

It could be that you didn’t provide enough information or that your review didn’t fully satisfy the criteria mentioned above. If your review has been rejected, one of the beautyheaven team will email you to explain why and give you a few pointers on submitting reviews in the future.

Note to brands and PRs: if you’re a PR or represent a beauty brand and you want to comment on your own products, go ahead – but please declare yourself. We don’t mind you explaining more about a product you believe in, we simply ask that you don’t masquerade as someone you’re not.

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