Botox ban?

Botox ban?

In the August ‘09 issue of UK’s Harper’s Bazaar, UK actress Rachel Weisz slams the use of Botox in Hollywood. According to The Mummy star, “It should be banned for actors, as steroids are for sportsmen.” The 39-year-old continues, “Acting is all about expression; why would you want to iron out a frown?”

I for one, agree. I mean, each to their own, I’m not here to tell you to have it or not to have it – it’s a very personal choice – but I do agree that actors shouldn’t be attempting to pull a Benjamin Button. Clearly no one’s told them about these fabulous finds that turn back the clock without turning you into a frozen face…

Skin Doctors Relaxaderm – this injection-free facial relaxer contains argireline, a chain of six amino acids that inhibit the release of neurotransmitters that are responsible for the contraction of facial muscles. Sounds complicated, but all you need to know is it helps to smooth the appearance of deep, well established, expression lines and protects against further wrinkle development.

MD Formulations Wrinkle Filler & Deep Crease Relaxer Temp – this lightweight crème features advanced optical diffusers to smooth and fill in creases so lines look less instantly apparent. It features encapsulated skin-plumpers to temporarily fill out wrinkles from within the skin’s surface as well as peptides, which help to visibly decrease the depth and formation of future lines.

La Mav OFC Certified Organic Hydrating Mask – this pink clay mask aids the skin’s restructuring process by preserving collagen and elastin fibres. It also fights against skin photoageing with a mild Botox-like effect.

Good Skin Labs™ Tri-Aktiline™ Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler – this potent deep-wrinkle formulation contains Gatuline® Expression, to help relax the look of facial tension and expression lines, Kombuchka™ PH Extract to plump wrinkles, Argireline®, to help prompt skin’s natural collagen production and matte silicones to instantly, like, right this second, fill in creases on the skin.

Other products to try too:Pola Wrinkle Shot, L’Oreal Paris Wrinkle De-Crease Collagen Filler, Nutrimetics nc Line Prime Instant Wrinkle Filler, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream and John Plunkett Extreme Makeover Instant Wrinkle Cover

What do you think? Should actors take a stand against Botox? And Botox or anti-wrinkle creams, what would you choose?

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