QV Skincare’s 10 best selling products

QV Skincare’s 10 best selling products

QV Skincare is an iconic brand that you’ve no doubt encountered before. QV products are known for being good quality, simple and seriously easy on the wallet. They’re also free from known skin irritants such as soap, fragrance, colour and propylene glycol, and each formulation has been pH balanced and dermatologically tested. So no matter what your skin care, hair or body needs, you can probably find a QV product to suit you.

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But with so many popular products available, it can be hard to know which ones to add to cart. Which is why we’ve enlisted the help of our members to determine QV’s top 10 best-ever products.

And before you ask, nope – this article isn’t sponsored. These products are just that good, they deserved some extra praise.

QV Face Nurturing Night Cream

“I’ve trialled a lot of high end creams but I just to go back to basics with QV’s fragrance free, no-nonsense line of facial skin care. The package is simple compared to others that can get overhyped and can really irritate or even aggravate my eczema. The texture is so rich and stays on right into the morning, it’s amazing! My skin never feels dry when I wake and I wash it all off for my morning routine. I use this simply gorgeous cream with other pricey specific serums. This has a little Niacinamide (b3) and vitamin C which is a plus!”  – bh member anpham89

QV Face Purifying Mask

“I’ve tried loads of different masks, especially clay masks, with varying success and what I loved about this one is that it is SO light. The last 2 clay masks I tried were gloopy, took ages to dry while my face felt tight for 20 minutes and then my skin was red for hours after washing off but this is quick to apply, dries really quickly and washes off easily. I have sensitive skin anyway so treatments are always a gamble but I’ve used this a few times and it’s still great. It also seems to reduce redness in my blemishes.” – bh member Podule

QV Face Gentle Cleanser

“Although I have combination/oily skin, sometimes irritation can cause my skin to flare up and redden. As such, I use this product because of its gentleness and non-irritating to skin, thus not aggravating my redness. This cleanser has a fluid texture that lathers up just very slightly in my palms. The best thing that I like about this is that after cleansing, my face isn’t left with a tight astringent feeling, and my dry spots on my face are not accentuated after cleansing. Despite this, my face does feel fresh and clean.” – bh member vtjh

QV Face Exfoliating Polish

“I have been using this product for over 6 months. I have very sensitive skin and rosacea. I struggled to find a facial scrub for so long as a majority had additives that reacted with my rosacea. This is a very gentle scrub with small micro beads, I find it does the job very well, hence why I’ve been using it for so long.” – bh member Julia241

QV Bath Oil

“I have used it in the bath along with the bath salts. It is fragrance-free so I also add some aromatic bath oil in the bath. The QV Bath Oil is also good for all over application on the body with massage before a shower or a bath. It is very hydrating and skin does not feel dry. It makes skin feel softer and looked after. It’s great for all age groups too.” – bh member You Beauty

QV Face Moisturising Day Cream

“I’ve been using this product for years now, and every time I stray and try something else I always come back. It’s a perfect consistency and free from fragrance which is perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s hydrating without being too thick, so my skin never feels oily at the end of the day. The high SPF is exactly what I need, as I don’t always want to apply sunscreen. With a super affordable price tag, I will definitely continue using this product, and I also recommend it to everyone I know!” – bh member monstera

QV Face Lip Balm

“I am particularly sensitive to chemical sunscreens and I also can’t stand the taste or smell of all the lip balms with sunscreen that I have tried before. HOWEVER, this balm is the exception to the chemical sunscreen rule. I actually love it! For me it is the perfect day time lip balm, no taste, no smell and it moisturises and protects my lips from the sun. Doesn’t get any better than that. I am one of those who is obsessed with lip balms as I don’t often wear lipstick or much makeup so this lovely little tube of moisture is a perfect godsend for me. I will definitely repurchase this wonderful product forever.” – bh member JL

QV Gentle Wash

“This is such a good body wash, but I have also used it to cleanse my face too – that’s how gentle it is. A couple of pumps is easily enough for the top half and the same for the lower half of the body. It is (of course), fragrance-free but to me it still has a lovely ‘clean’ smell about it and it feels silky smooth when washing. It rinses off easily and my skin feels clean, soft and supple afterwards. It does a fantastic job of cleaning the skin without stripping or aggravating it. So this is a perfect wash for people that have eczema, psoriasis or any other skin issues. Great product that beats all those highly fragranced body washes hands down.” – bh member jayne.braithwaite

QV Skin Lotion

“I suffer from really dry skin and then I developed eczema on my arms. I needed to find a new moisturiser that would do the job and I was recommended this product. This is a fantastic everyday product. It is very hydrating, does not aggravate my eczema and its lightweight as well. The product consistency is very important because this product doesn’t make you feel like you skin is covered in a thick layer of product. Will repurchase this product.” – bh member Adelina633

QV Cream

“I love using this cream as a body cream and a face cream. I have a dry, sensitive skin on my face and normal on my body and this cream works wonders for both. It is very thick and moisturising and it has no scent to it. It never broke me out. I like that it doesn’t contain any nasties in it and is very affordable. I always buy the largest 1kg pack so that my entire family can use this beautiful moisturiser and enjoy it.” – bh member Diana199

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