QV Face Cleanser and Night Cream Trial Team

QV Face Cleanser and Night Cream Trial Team


50 women seeking hydrated, nourished and irritation-free complexions

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QV Face Gentle Cleanser

QV Face Nurturing Night Cream


beautyheaven says:

The QV Face Gentle Cleanser offers a lightly foaming, soap-free, gentle formulation that caters specifically to dry and sensitive skin.

Across the board, Trial Team members each found their own individual reasons to love the QV formula. Those with skin on the drier side found the addition of safflower oil helped to protect the skin against moisture loss, leaving it fresh, hydrated and plump. Others with easily-irritated complexions were pleased to find that twice daily use of the cream cleanser provided a deep clean and effective makeup removal without triggering sensitivities or breakouts. 

Members praised the large size of the bottle as they appreciate value for money when it comes to products they are using every day. Plus, the convenience of the pump cap meant those who often skipped their nighttime skin care routine (citing “laziness” as the main reason)  were left with no excuse.

As a result of the gentle, non-stripping nature of the formula, plus the longer-lasting effects like glowing, breakout-free skin, members who participated in the trial voiced that they were interested in incorporating the QV Face Cleanser in their routine moving forward.

The QV Face Nurturing Night Cream has been formulated with natural safflower oil and a vitamin B3 complex to deliver vital moisture, improve skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – all while we catch up on our much needed sleep. Free from fragrance and colour, this nourishing night cream is suitable for all skin types, even those on the dry or sensitive side. 

Trial Team members found the consistency of the night cream to be light, non-greasy and rapidly absorbed. In as little as a week, members found persistent redness around the skin to have significantly faded, plus, fine lines and dehydrated areas were now visibly firmer and plumper. 

Most participants of the trial found that a pea-sized amount of cream was enough to adequately cover the forehead, chin and cheeks. This indicated great value for money in the QV glass jar, as a little went a long way. This was pleasing to Trial Team members who often found night creams to be far too expensive for what you actually receive. 

Members voiced their relief in finding a night cream that ticked the box in terms of results, affordability and suitability to their skin type. As a result of this, majority revealed they would continue use after the conclusion of the trial to maintain their newfound hydration and glow. 

*Stats are based on a survey of 50 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by QV Face for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

QV Face Gentle Cleanser

“I have been using QV Face Gentle Cleanser for a few weeks now and I love it. It is such a gentle cleanser that doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped or tight. I would say my skin is quite sensitive and can become quite irritated if I use the wrong products. The QV range is one I can trust, not only for myself but for my family too.” – Kim1989read more reviews here…

“I found this cleanser to be very effective yet gentle in removing my make up. It was so gentle, my seven year old has used it and caused her no irritation. Once, I removed the cleanser, my skin felt nicely moisturised but not overly that I could still continue to apply my subsequent moisturiser without overloading my skin. ” – freaky, read more reviews here…

QV Face Nurturing Night Cream

“The QV Face Nurturing Night Cream is a deeply nourishing cream that feels thick and luxurious. I find my skin feels moisturised and fine lines are less noticeable in the morning, crease marks from sleeping are less noticeable also.” – Jsomara, read more reviews here…

“I really like the feel of it on my skin. It was thick, rich and really nourishing so it is perfect for winter. I was surprised every morning that it had all disappeared but my skin wasn’t greasy at all (my skin is a thirsty little sucker!). QV is as gentle as a brand can be yet you still get all the plumping, brightening, and hydrating benefits!” -Sparkle77,  read more reviews here…

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