Proactiv 3-Step Kit Trial Team

Proactiv 3-Step Kit Trial Team



Twenty females in their teens and older who have normal to oily skin and experience occasional and frequent breakouts.The triallers were instructed to use the Proactiv 3 Step System once a day until the skin had adapted to the products, then twice a day, every day. 



of members said they would recommend the Proactiv 3 Step System to friends or family with acne or blemishes.


of members said Proactiv 3 Step System helped keep their blemishes under control.


of members said Proactiv 3 Step System improved their skin’s overall appearance from the trial start date to the completion of the trial.


of members said Proactiv 3 Step System reduced their skin blemishes.

beautyheaven says…

, The Proactiv 3 Step System is a skin care range developed by dermatologists to keep blemishes under control, to help prevent future breakouts and for overall great skin. Proactiv combines blemish-fighting ingredients with blemish-targeting technology into a simple daily skin care regime that includes a cleanser, toner and repair lotion. This should then be followed up with a moisturiser containing a SPF and followed by makeup if wanted. Most triallers found that the 3 Step System helped reduce the amount of current breakouts they were experiencing and lessened the amount of future breakouts, too. Most triallers also reported that the products helped clear up their skin to reveal a smoother, more even complexion. But some triallers did experience redness but this comes as no surprise as the products are formulated benzoyl peroxide and warn that some people with sensitive skin may get some redness. The majority of the triallers were pleased they finally had some relief from their oily and acne-prone skin. *Based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members. The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Proactiv for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial. ReviewStartsHere [Review: Excellent product, highly recommend!] [Quote: The first thing I noticed was that you don’t need to use much. The fine particles on the cleanser make the exfoliation process feel wonderful, afterwards my skin was so soft. I followed up with the toner which did not sting or have a strong alcohol smell and repair moisturiser which did not make my skin oily at all. You also do not need to use much of the product which means you definitely get your monies worth! I continued to use this product twice a day for two weeks and after the first week my breakouts stopped. My skin was clear and bright. I have red skin on my face and while it did not reduce this it did not make it any worse. ] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Reduced breakouts] [Quote: My skin has improved a lot since then and I’m sure it will continue to improve with continuous usage! I have noticed less acne and blemishes and my skin looks noticeably clearer in appearance. I have even noticed that my old blemishes have slightly faded and dulled in appearance which is a great improvement.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Far better than I expected] [Quote: Boy was I pleased! After only a few days, my skin felt brighter and clearer, with no itchiness or red patches. After a few weeks of using Proactiv, my skin is looking really nice. I did get 3-4 big sore pimples along my jawline while using it (that time of the month!), but however, the small, annoying pimples which I would often get popping up have been non-existent, and my skin surface is so much more smoother. I think this is down the lovely texture of the cleanser – my pores are tighter and smaller, and I feel like all dead skin is quickly removed by it. ] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Significant difference in blemishes] [Quote: For some context, my skin is generally oily and my cheeks and chin are prone to getting breakouts. I used the 3-Step system once a day at night time, and then did my usual skincare routine in the morning with sunscreen. The cleanser has small particles as well as benzyl peroxide so you are exfoliating as well as use a chemical to penetrate your pores. It has quite a mild scent and I didn’t feel it was too abrasive for my skin. After using the cleanser and rinsing, I still felt like there was still some residue on my skin. However, I followed this up with the toner and I believe this would have removed any trace of residue. The toner was alcohol-free and probably the mildest product out of the three. ] ReviewEndsHere

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