Summer prep discovery bag

Summer prep discovery bag

If you’re a beach babe or someone who just loves soaking up the summer sun, then odds are you’ll be pretty excited that winter is practically a whole year away.

Though summer is all about fun, it’s important to up the ante when it comes to grooming and giving your skin some TLC in the lead up to the warmer months. Arm yourself with these three products to ensure you look and feel your best this sunny season.

Andrea Brazilian Hard Wax

“Once I applied the pre-epilation oil to my leg, I heated the jar of wax in my microwave as per the instructions. The wax was easy to apply and within 15 seconds, I was able to gently pull it off my leg. The hairs were all gone and the process was relatively pain-free (far better than I had anticipated!). I loved how this at-home wax kit was simple and effective. I was pleasantly surprised by the results.” – Woo_Hoo

“All up I’m amazed at how smooth and hair-free this very personal area now is – my skin was a little pink afterwards, but not irritated or tender and the rosy glow faded away after a few hours. There was very little mess to clean up, and any stray bits of wax were removed using a few drops of the oil.” – katshepsutt

“I’ve only ever shaved as I’ve always thought that waxing would be too easy to screw up but I’m really happy with how it turned out! I’ve only ever gotten my upper lip waxed and that took off skin and almost scarred me for life. Thankfully, the pre-wax oil really helps with keeping my skin in one piece!” – whitelacecollars

Rosehip by essano Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

“Having only trialled it for a week, I’m not able to comment on whether it’s any more effective than the others, but my skin sure feels super soft, supple and deliciously hydrated. I use five drops at night instead of a serum and am amazed at how quickly my skin soaks it up. My face is still lovingly moisturised when I wake up and yet there’s no excess oil or greasy film on the surface.” – katshepsutt

“I adore this skin product. It left my skin feeling smooth and soft, and I also like the fact that you are in control. With the help of the dropper, you can tailor your application to your needs and some spots need more moisture than others. My skin already feels different since using it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.” – Malomache

“I absolutely love the essano Rosehip Oil. I use rosehip oil on my trouble spots and on scarring. I previously used another brand, but I much prefer the essano version as I find it absorbs into my skin faster and doesn’t leave such an oily feeling.” – llessthanthree

Andrea Gentle Creme Bleach for the Face

“After rinsing my face with cool water, there was not even a hint of pink on the area where I’d applied the mixture. Same for my arm – no irritation whatsoever. I actually struggled to find any trace of the darker hair as it had literally vanished, and was only visible as blonde strands in certain lighting conditions.” – katshepsutt

“This is one of the simplest, easy-to-use products on the bleaching cream market. I use it on my face, around my hairline and on a few darker hairs on the sides of my face. It’s not a product I use excessively; I can get away with using it every 6-8 weeks, which is great. It’s gentle enough to use on your face, but does a great job at disguising hairs that stand out a little more than you’d like.” – Elizabeth23

“After mixing the bleach and the activator, I applied the mixture to a few stray dark hairs using the spatula and waited the recommended 10 minutes. I felt no reactions during this time, which shows me how incredibly gentle the product is. After washing the product off with cold water, I was amazed to see no trace of the dark hairs. This product certainly works.” – EmLeigh

Which product most appeals to you? Have you tried any of these products before? What is your favourite way to prep for summer?

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?

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