Should we be putting potatoes on our skin?


No one has ever questioned the versatility of the humble potato. He sure pulls his weight when it comes to the variety of edible forms he can take on. 

Roast him, mash, boil, bake; he’ll be a chip, a wedge, a hashbrown, a tato gem, vodka, hell, even a bowl of gnocchi. 

But now – he can be your next skincare secret. 

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Esthetician Joanna Czech sat down for @diorskincare in a recent IGTV interview with @livvperez host of the ‘Friend Of A Friend’ podcast. During the chat she revealed her anti-inflammatory and anti-redness secret weapon: a potato face mask.

And well, it’s safe to say our interests peeked.

With 30 years experience in the skincare industry, and recently serving as the Global Skincare Advisor for La Mer, Joanna isn’t one to make false skin claims. And with a huge list of celeb clients including Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Candice Swanepoel and Jennifer Aniston, if she says to put a potato on our face, we’re putting a potato on our face.

But just to be safe, we dug a little further…

What are some of the skin care benefits of potato?

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is no stranger to the essential skin ingredients list that all top facialists are recommending. Popular for its skin brightening benefits, it can also protect us from visible impacts of environmental stressors, making it one of the top anti-ageing ingredients. It also stimulates the growth of collagen, which in turn, protects the skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

According to Joanna, 100 grams of potato contains 32 per cent of vitamin C. 


Magnesium plays an important role in reducing acne and breakouts. It also boosts collagen function, which helps with skin elasticity and moisture, keeping wrinkles at bay. 


Zinc is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties, specifically wound healing. So it’s a hugely important part in treating and preventing inflammatory acne and scarring. 

Does it matter what kind of potato?

In short, no. And don’t try to take this one step further by using a sweet potato. Just a regular potato is all you need.

How do we make the potato face mask?

  1. Pop the potato into the fridge to keep it chilled
  2. Cut it into slices
  3. Place the cold, thin slices onto your face (make sure you’re laying down!)

How long do we leave it on for?

20 minutes.

And voila, YOUTH! 

Future shopping lists = ‘3x potatoes for dinner and 2x potatoes for face’.

You can check out the interview here: Joanna Czech Interview

Main image credit: @aimeesong

What kitchen ingredients do you work into your skincare regime? Would you give the potato mask a try?

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  1. Nah – didn’t really do anything at least with cold slices. Maybe over time, and repeated. But who has time to lay down with potato slices on the face? I prefer a softer mask I can move around in.

  2. “According to Joanna, 100 grams of potato contains 32 per cent of vitamin C.”

    NO WAY! That would mean a potato is almost one third vitamin C! It’s more likely that 100g of potato contains 32% OF OUR RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE of vitamin C.

    I have heard that potato is good for the skin, but I’m one of those rare people who never buy them. Gimme pumpkin or sweet potato any day!

  3. Potatoes have been said to be amazing for the skin for a very long time and people have been using them on the face for a while. I just dont think much research was made on it to validate the truth behind how great it can be for the skin

  4. I think potatoes are great for skin, just remember to rinse. I fell asleep with potato slices on my face, and woke up to an allergy! Face was red and itchy for about 2 days, but after that I had the most radiant and smooth skin, for a while

  5. Love to hear all the old remedies coming back, so simple and effective but we all prefer a nice smelling cream don’t we? Trouble is with potato you have to find the time to lie down and relax, or while having a bath.

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