Six of the best: pore minimisers – page 5

Six of the best: pore minimisers – page 5

The Grand Canyon is meant to be one of the grandest, most atmospheric places on earth, not something you envisage your pores mimicking. Sadly though for most of us, large, gaping pores are a reality. Albeit a nightmarish one.
The trick to their demise? Well there isn’t one. Pores will always be with us, but luckily for you, there’s a wealth of pore-minimising wonders, jam-packed with vitamin A and retinol to boost your skin’s collagen and to make pores smaller. Some might even say miniscule.

Danné Montague King Pore Reduction Drops

“I loved this. I regularly indulge in Danné facials at the salon, so it’s great to be able to take a professional product home with me that ensures my skin stays smooth. I find the drops make my make-up stay put for longer than normal and the amount of blackheads on my nose is dramatically reduced.” Rating: 4/5 – Olivia, bh’s Online Assistant

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