Plump it up

Plump it up

There’s nothing cuter than a bub’s chubby cheeks but I wasn’t always so enamoured by a plump face. As a teenager I would have killed for Kate Moss’ chiseled features, thus was constantly caught sucking in my cheeks whilst staring at myself in the mirror. Not a pretty sight!

Now that I’m [cough] 31 and my face has thinned naturally I’d kill to get a bit of that chubbiness back. Why? Because plump represents youthful.

As we age the collagen and elastin in our skin depletes, so the older we get, the saggier our skin becomes, plus there’s the addition of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of radiance.

Growing old gracefully is no easy feat. Thankfully there’s a myriad of marvelous plumping products to help turn back the hands of time – or at least fake a fabulously youthful face:

Skin Doctors Antaectilyne Plump
You’d expect Skin Doctors to know a thing or two about skin wouldn’t you. And it seems they do. Bless your skin with this little beauty for 30 days and, in doing so, plump your wrinkles by a whopping 44 per cent. Impressive huh?

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Makeup SPF 15
This creamy foundation boasts high tech colour know-how to disguise fine lines and imperfections and impart a youthful luminosity.

Joey New York Quick Deep Line Plump
It sounds so simple doesn’t it? Acting rather like putty, it fills and smoothes wrinkles so you can put your best face forward in a jiffy.

La Prairie Anti-Aging Complex
Serious skincare featuring a clever little complex that resembles a skin-like veil. The veil works to cover lines, plump wrinkles and smooth out skin texture. Told you it was smart.

Guinot Masque Vital Anti-rides
The French are bright you know. After all they did come up with the idea of this skin-rejuvenating mask that makes a ten-minute relax mandatory. Leave it on for ten minutes to allow the ingredients to do their thing and voila – plumper, brighter skin.

Are you fond of a fuller face?

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