How pineapple will minimise acne and maximise glow

How pineapple will minimise acne and maximise glow

Fruity beauty is nothing new – from hydrating watermelon and brightening banana to nourishing pear and refreshing citrus, it turns out the secrets to our best skin ever have been in our fruit bowls all along. The newest fruit to fall off of the supermarket shelves and into our skincare shelfies? Pineapple. Aside from being damn delicious, pineapple is a serious skincare powerhouse and we’re officially calling it as the season’s it-list ingredient. So, whilst the “does pineapple belong on pizza?” debate rages on, when it comes to skincare, the tropical treat is 100% approved.

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Why is it so great for your skin?

It’s no secret that pineapple can seriously enhance a regular cocktail, but when it comes to the cocktail of your favourite topical products, it’s just as good. Pineapple extracts contain an enzyme called bromelain, used in skincare as a gentle exfoliator. Bromelain sloughs off dead cells to reveal the clear, glowy skin underneath, soothing your complexion as it goes thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s an all-around brightening, blemish-fighting superhero – the fact that the scent transports you to an island paradise is just a perk.

Which skin types is it best for?

If you’re looking to pep up pigmentation or send pimples packing, pineapple products are for you. Packed with AHAs, the pineapple enzymes hit skin with a powerful one-two blemish-banishing punch, reducing the appearance of acne, whilst also exfoliating away the dead skin that could be causing it. Just like some of our other fruity favourites, pineapple is also rich in Vitamin C, which is ace for adding some life back into your skin when it’s looking dull or drab.

Which skin types should avoid it?

Whilst pineapple offers a more gentle exfoliation than other ingredients, sensitive or dry skin types should still ease into it, as it can be a bit harsh or drying if you go hard on your first round. Try diluting pineapple products with formulas containing hydrating heroes like hyaluronic acid to reap the brightening benefits without compromising on moisture.

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