Pimple patches so cute you’ll almost want a blemish

Pimple patches so cute you’ll almost want a blemish

Gilmore Girls fans, get ready, I’m about to drop some sparkling wisdom from our beloved Lorelai, the woman who, to quote our even more beloved Rory, “takes things that aren’t pretty and makes them pretty”. Now, she may have been referring to a hammer LG had coated in fluffy pink fur in this specific scene, but we see no reason why the wisdom shouldn’t also apply to pimples – because it seems unfair that acne never gets to experience the joys of accessorising. 

Yep, dressing up your blemishes is officially a thing, and with all the funky pimple patches launching lately, there’s never been a cuter way to clear your complexion. Now, not to get gross, but these stickers do their most wondrous work when pus is present (sorry), as draining and absorbing the fluid from within whiteheads is what they’re all about. Basically, it’s best to wait until your blemish is nice and moist (honestly, I’m so sorry). And as if replacing the gunky head of a pimple with a pretty flower, heart, star, etc. (just you wait) wasn’t enough to get you aboard the pimple patch train, don’t forget that protecting your pimple with a sticker (whether you opt for the spirited options or the subtle), also prevents the spread of dreaded acnegenic bacteria and keeps your cheeky hands out of thezit zone.

 To sum up: picking is out, patches are in, so if you consider Lorelai Gilmore a wise woman (and you certainly should), it’s time to pretty up our pimples and allow them to p*ss off in peace. 

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Squish Flower Power Acne Patches ($21, squishbeauty.com)

TBH, these could be sold as festival accessories and we would buy like a hundred. The fetching flowers make your face feel fancy again, and the flexible fabric they’re made from means they adhere easily to any tricky crevice of your complexion, plus, the teensy diamante adorning the centre takes even the worst whiteheads from gross to glam. They’ll dry spots out just enough, banishing the actual blemish without damaging the surrounding skin, and as if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also make you feel like you’ve stepped into The Brady Bunch/Austin Powers/any universe where ‘groovy’ or ‘far out’ would count as super fresh phrases.


Starface Hydro-Star Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches ($33, starface.world)

Seeing red when you wake up with a pimple? Now you can see stars instead. Yep, these star-shaped stickers are so damn cute, they can even turn a spout of spots into a selfie moment. Brand founder Julie Schott was a beauty editor for years, so you know she knows her stuff. The patches are packed with hydrocolloid, a serum-y substance that speeds up the pimple’s recovery process. Sadly, these bad boys are currently only available in the U.S., so be sure to stock up on some stars next time you’re in the states. The pack also looks like a smile-y, sunshine-y airpod case, so the whole process is highly *aesthetic*.

Truly Organic

Truly Organic Acne Patches ($14.60, freepeople.com)

Even if you’re still struggling to actually ‘heart’ your acne, these little cuties will help you show your spots some love. Hydrocolloid is the healing hero again here, and the premise is both simple and satisfying: pop on a patch before bed (or, of course, before work if you’re into your new accessory), then wake up (or head home) with a flattened blemish and a gunk-filled patch – better out than in, right? The brand is also natural, cruelty-free and vegan, so your conscience will be as clear as your skin.

Skyn Iceland

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots ($31, mecca.com.au)

If you’re down to go more discreet, these complexion-clearers are in fact, clear themselves. Yep, with a totally transparent finish, you could absolutely get away with wearing them at work, the shops, a black-tie function without anyone batting an eye. Salicylic acid is the master of the spot-shrinking game here, but it’s also brought its anti-inflammatory pal tea tree oil as its plus one to help calm as it clears. So next time you’re forced to face the world with a spot, try these instead of burying said blemish beneath forty layers of concealer – your skin thanks you in advance.

Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Sticker ($47.17, net-a-porter.com/au)

Battling blemishes never looked so chic. Housed in a white leather wallet for on-the-go use, these patches are infused with the acne-eliminating dream team: salicylic acid and vitamin C. They go on blue to help with application (anyone who’s ever dropped and attempted to locate a contact lens will understand why), but once applied, everything but the clear layer is peeled off. And not to keep harping on about it, but with the stylish contraption they’re stored in, they’ll leave your skin significantly clearer and your handbag, bedside table, etc. considerably cuter. Win win.

Not keen on patches? Try these top-rated acne heroes: NIVEA Daily Essentials Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Plus, Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion Main image credit: @squish.beauty Which of these pimple patches would suit your style best? Have you tried any before?

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