How to avoid pash rash when you’re kissing someone with a beard

How to avoid pash rash when you’re kissing someone with a beard

If you’ve ever woken up the morning after a passionate makeout session hoping for a text, only to discover all you’ve actually received is a nasty rash covering the bottom half of your face, you can blame pash rash. (Only for the rash though, the beard didn’t leave you on read).

Unfortunately for those of us who have a bit of a beard kink, those same beards don’t always love us back. 

But instead of having to field your colleagues questions with tales of an alleged ‘allergic reaction’ (which they’re not buying anyway), we consulted Biologi’s Dermal Specialist, Lucy Kuper, to find out how pash rash can be avoided and (if you’ve already got it), treated.

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First off, what even is pash rash?

“Pash rash is an Aussie slang term that refers to aggravated or inflamed skin caused by kissing a person who has stubble or a beard – also known as ‘beard burn’ for those not from Australia,” says Lucy.

“The hair on the kissing partner’s face essentially aggravates the other person’s skin and mouth area and can result in inflamed skin around the mouth, flaky skin and even swollen lips. This happens because the other person’s facial hair causes friction, which then removes oils and moisture from the skin’s outer layer which causes irritation and inflammation.”

Are some people more susceptible to pash rash than others?

If you’re always the one covered in a rash the morning after, while your mate who also spent the better part of an hour sucking face looks totally normal, you probably have sensitive skin. 

“Those with sensitive skin are definitely more susceptible to pash rash. This is because their skin would likely react to any aggravation and if their skin is already easily irritated, pash rash would definitely cause some issues”.  

There are a couple of skin conditions which can also make pash rash more likely, “anyone with skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis are also more susceptible, as well as those who have sunburn at the time.”

Lucy says you should also be mindful of the products you’re using as “prescription retinoids, retinol and exfoliating acids can all make your skin more susceptible to pash rash.”

Will everyone I kiss have to shave their beard for me to stop getting pash rash?

If you’ve ever asked a man to shave his beard, then you’ll already know it’s like asking them to volunteer for castration – the horror

Thankfully, there’s an alternative –  “[he can] grow his beard longer – pash rash is usually worse if the stubble is around two days to a week’s growth, as hair can feel thinner and sharper during this stage.” Therefore stubble is way worse for pash rash than a full beard.

Your man going from sexy 5 o’clock shadow to full blown bushy-beard lumberjack is a small price to pay for a flawless complexion. However, if you’re not sure you’re into a big beard, here’s a few photos to quell any fears (you’re welcome). 

What products do you recommend to prevent pash rash?

Turns out to fully avoid pash rash you’d have to stop kissing men with beards (obviously impossible). 

Although preventing pash pash can be difficult, Lucy has some tips to help: “Go for products that are going to be soothing on sensitive skin like Biologi’s Bf Body Hydration Serum, which can be used on the face (and all over). It’s a nourishing and hydrating formula that won’t prevent pash rash, but it will prevent your skin from getting dry and will help soothe any sensitivities. Avoid synthetic active products as these can aggravate the skin in the first place, which doesn’t give you a good starting point.”

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When it’s too little too late and you have the dreaded rash, what steps and products do you recommend to treat it?

“If you do find yourself with pash rash I highly recommend Biologi Bf Hydration Body Serum because it will provide several benefits whilst reducing visible redness and improving the skin’s barrier function. The intense hydrating nature of the serum will also make the skin feel less aggravated and tight. Also be very mindful of anything else you’re putting on your skin during this time as lots of ingredients can aggravate the skin further – avoid harsh cleansers and exfoliants and if you can, try not to put too much makeup over it. As the skin is already inflamed and open, it can be a lot more susceptible to break outs during this time.”

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Have you ever had pash rash?

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