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You review: Bloom Weekend Away Pack

It’s always fun to buy travel packs of anything. I just love the idea of bringing home less than I take – less packing equals less luggage to worry about, less arm strain and, most importantly, more room for essential shopping sprees. So the four little bottles in the Bloom … Read more


Eyesential ($108.99) forms a film over imperfections, hiding puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles (a bit like posh spackle, really) for brighter, firmer eyes. In an instant, it’s like all those late nights and birthdays never happened. The only catch is you need to blend it carefully around the edges and … Read more

Pevonia Botanica Spot Treatment

I think of spots like distant relatives: I don’t see them very often but when one does show up, it’s usually at the worst possible time and I’ve no idea how long it’ll stick around. So when a blinder emerged at the tip of my nose the day before my … Read more

Renew Skincare

“I know it’s greedy but I’ve got to have two favourites this time around. Both of these Renew Skincare products live on my desk at beautyheaven and they even went away on holiday with me. I love the Rosewater Mist, $15.95, for sweet refreshment on a long, hot afternoon. And … Read more

Trial team: Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift

The product:Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift The judge: Kez, 49. Read Kez’s beauty bio The price: $49.95 The verdict… In a cute container with compartments for different formulas, this product consists of a gel for your upper eyes and a cream for underneath. The very subtle scent isn’t overwhelming and … Read more

A’kin Jasmine Body Wash

Showers haven’t been the same since I discovered the divine Jasmine Body Wash by A’kin. Sweetly scented with fragrant jasmine flower, it lathers beautifully and leaves my skin silky-soft and smooth. It’s enriched with pure essential oils and is free of nasty sulfates and parabens, which gives peace of mind … Read more

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are missing one of their electrons, usually from their outer orbit (it’s a bit like missing the outer planet orbiting the sun in our solar system). These free radicals roam around the body, attempting to scavenge electrons from other sources, in the process causing … Read more

To breathe or not to breathe?

Oxygenating skin therapies promise to resuscitate skin and return the radiance of youth – but not everyone is convinced a shot of O2 is good for you.

The art of spot camouflage

First apply a yellow or slightly green-toned concealer with a brush onthe pimple only. Once you have put applied a generous layer and blendedthe edges of the concealer into your skin, proceed to set the area witha loose translucent powder. Press the powder into the area you’rehiding and then proceed … Read more

How to: Stop make-up settling into wrinkles

First look at your foundation and make sure it is a hydrating formula so that it doesn’t set into areas that are wrinkled and draw out moisture from the skin – a lot of oil-free formulas tend to cause this reaction. Secondly, a good base or primer is recommended to … Read more

How can I keep my acne undercover at the beach?

Q) I need to keep my acne under wraps at the beach but no concealer seems to cut it. What can I do? – Freya, VIC A) Try switching to a powder foundation. This may seem more of a winter product but it will help to keep your skin tone … Read more

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