How to get rid of a pimple (almost) overnight


There’s nothing worse than waking up with a huge pimple smack bang in the middle of your face. And by some sick twist of fate, it always seems to happen when you’ve got something important coming up in the next 24 hours. Fear not, my blemished beauties – we’ve tried and tested the very best ways to get rid of the pesky bugger as fast as possible. 

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Step #1: Extract it

We all know that we’re meant to leave our pimples be, but doing so is much easier said than done. So instead of picking at your face with your fingers, why not go about it the right way?

Use an extractor tool – such as the Manicare Pimple and Blackhead Remover – to safely remove acne plugs and blocked pores. Simply place the tool parallel to your imperfection, and gently pierce the skin.

Step #2: Cleanse it

Look for a cleanser that contains salicylic acid – it deeply penetrates pores, exfoliates the skin and removes any redness and inflammation.

We like: Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit and Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Face and Body Wash

Step #3: Treat it

A high strength spot treatment – such as Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment or Avène Cleanance Spot Treatment – will do the trick.

But if you want results fast, we recommend breaking the rules and treating your blemish with a mask. Look for one formulated with clay, as this will draw impurities to the surface, remove dead skin cells, and leave the skin smooth. Apply overnight as you sleep and awake with smooth skin. Essano Clarifing Clay Masque also contains aloe vera and shea butter to soothe and hydrate the skin as it works.

Step #4: Ice it

We’ve told you about the beauty benefits of ice before, so you know what to do. About an hour before you have to head out the door, grab an ice cube from the fridge and apply it directly to affected area to soothe inflammation and reduce any redness.

Step #5: Cover it

You’re spot should almost be gone by now, but just encase it’s still a little red or inflamed, cover it with makeup

We like: Benefit Bo-ing Airbrush Concealer as its the ultimate go-to concealer for hiding all imperfections, from pimples to dark circles. However, if you want your concealer to do a little more, give Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer a go. Enriched with healing ingredients, it will help clear and prevent further blemishes as it covers.

What do you do to get rid of a pimple fast? Have you ever tried any of the above?

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