On trial: QV Face Exfoliating Polish, $10.95

On trial: QV Face Exfoliating Polish, $10.95

Designed for everyday use, this polish contains micro-particles to scrub away dead skin cells and dull surface debris as well as a creamy base to comfort and moisturise the complexion. Perfume and colour-free, it also features an anti-irritant to minimise the risk of redness or a reaction in sensitive skin.


The tester: Lisa B
The verdict: I have combination skin and am very wary about using new products that might upset the pH of my skin or cause me to break out. I found this an effective and deep cleansing scrub that left my skin feeling refined and polished afterwards.

The formula turns into a lovely, creamy texture when mixed with water. Unlike some exfoliants I’ve used that have harsh, rough granules that scratch the skin, these granules felt smooth and gentle beneath my fingers. My skin felt deeply clean afterwards without the dry or raw feeling that some scrubs can cause.

I would definitely recommend QV Face Exfoliating Polish to a friend.

The tester: Martin
The verdict: I’ve been using this in the shower every day for the past week. My skin can be a bit sensitive but this didn’t irritate me at all, even after wet shaving. I like that I can just slap it on in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling really clean, but not tight or dry. It’s a big tube too, so it should last a while.

The tester: Anna
The verdict: I think this scrub is perfect for use once or twice a week for an intensive cleanse, but, even though my skin’s normal and not usually sensitive, I found it a little too intense for everyday use as suggested on the packaging. Though, the fine particle formula does work deep into the pores and seems to be working on my blackhead-prone areas. It’s great to use in the shower too and it leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth and revitalised.

The tester: Margaret
Verdict: My 50+ year old skin is so dry that I am nervous about most face scrubs – I don’t want to strip away the little moisture I have. However, after a week of daily use I’m really enjoying this one. I like that the beads are mixed with cream as this gives me a nice, clean feel but comforts my skin at the same time. I think my skin is looking much fresher and brighter after a week of use.

The tester: Samantha
Verdict: It’s a bit too creamy for me. My skin tends toward oiliness, so I found the cream a bit too heavy. I did like that the fine particles felt like they were really getting rid of dead skin cells, it’s just that I need to feel that any excess oil has been removed from my face. This scrub’s not quite right for me – though I wish it was; the tube’s massive and a little goes a long way.

The exfoliant expert: Laina, beautyheaven consultant
I’ve used almost every scrub under the sun and, while the QV Face Exfoliating Polish would not suit my oily skin type, I think it would be great for a dry complexion – especially one that’s prone to sensitivity. Not only is the cream moisturising, the inclusion of avemide 15 means that the chances of redness and reactions are reduced (that’s why Martin could use it after shaving without discomfort). It’s also free of the common irritants and perfumes that cause many people to flare up.

If you’re like Anna and find your skin doesn’t need to be scrubbed daily, cut usage back a little. The fine particles are really effective and will still make a difference to the clarity of your skin.

If you’ve got a dry, easily aggravated skin type, I’d recommend the QV Face Exfoliating Polish for you.

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