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Olay Advanced Cleansing System


Ten regular and 10 video reviewers across all age groups with various skin types who were looking for a deeper cleanse and to remove impurities and make-up thoroughly.

Overall star rating during this trial*:

beautyheaven says:

Olay Advanced Cleansing System is an electronic cleansing device that has been designed to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin to leave it brighter and smoother.

Members found that the brush felt very gentle on their skin, with some mentioning they there surprised at just how soft it felt. As for the cleansing results, testers were impressed with how fresh, clean and smooth their skin felt after using the brush. Some have even commented that using the cleanser has improved their skin to the point that pimples and bumps are no longer present.

Many commented on the affordability of the Cleansing System and how this was a massive bonus in addition to it being an effective cleansing tool.

You say:

“If you have been looking for a quality cleanser but don’t want to part with $200 then this is perfect for you! This cleanser not only costs a fraction of the price but the results are comparable.” – Ms Billi. Read more…
“Noticed that since using this wonderful device that my serum and moisturiser easily absorb into my skin. Foundation now looks smoother on application and my skin reflects a fresh, clean, smooth look. Even on days without make-up, I can’t stop running my hands over my face because it feels fabulously smooth, soft and not dry.” – jatz.Read more…
“To get my skin this clean, I need to usually double-cleanse and spend many more minutes doing cleansing but with this product I can save so much time and cleansing is no longer a chore.”  – softness. Read more…

“As someone who has VERY sensitive skin, this doesn’t irritate my skin at all! It leaves my skin feeling so very, very soft. My skin feels much cleaner than it does if I just use my hands. “ – MissLola.Read more…
“I was nervous that the brush might be too abrasive and possibly irritate my acne but I found the opposite to be true, I found my acne actually improved and the texture of my skin is now a lot smoother.” – Liddy.Read more…

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Have you tried an electronic cleansing brush before? Would the price determine if you’d get one or not?

*Ratings refer to the 20 members included in the trial and is correct as of September 4 2013.

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