Office gossip: bejewelled mocha-sipping shoppers

Office gossip: bejewelled mocha-sipping shoppers

Here at the bh office our obsessions change almost as often as our lip colour. We might be smudging on a berry tint of a morning and lacquering up with coral gloss in time for cocktails but we never, ever turn our backs on the quest for the next big thing…
So check out what’s what here at bh and dive on in with your own opinions. We adore knowing what’s rocking your world.


Drew Barrymore

Those gorgeous Covergirl metro-lights everywhere have reminded us how much we love, love, love Drew. Her humour, her singing, even her vegetarianism make us want to hang out with her. Wonder if she’s in the market for a new best friend?

Cocktail rings

Want to draw attention to your perfect mani? Plunge your fingers into a cocktail ring graced with strawberry-sized gems. Family heirloom or faux, it doesn’t matter. Just remember big is beautiful.

Morning mochas

Latte, schmatte. When we want a winter warmer, we want it deliciously decadent. And since a mocha offers a double hit of chocolate and espresso it’s a no-brainer. What’s not to like on a cold morning?

First summer deliveries

Farewell sales racks, our most beloved boutiques are unpacking exciting early summer deliveries which means it’s time to start planning the perfect warm-weather wardrobe. We can always wear those sundresses with tights and boots.


Trainers with suits

We don’t expect anyone to hotfoot it to the office in 6-inch heels but when flat shoes have never been prettier or more prolific, we most definitely save our running shoes for the gym. Joggers with hosiery is so Working Girl.

Olympics overload

We admire the Australian team’s skill, determination and most definitely their bodies but we’re already feeling a little exhausted by the Olympics.
Forgive us, won’t you? It might have something to do with the shot put.

Absence of long weekends

When is the next one anyway? Those lazy Sunday afternoon barbecues, not to mention getaways to the mountains, seem to have disappeared from our social calendar. We might just have to make up our very own. beautyheaven day anyone? 

Mobile madness

Accepting a brief business call on public transport is forgivable. But that bloke using his handsfree to relay the entire events of last night? That’s a crime against commuters. Hasn’t he ever heard of SMS? It’s silent.

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