Would you use Nutella on your face?


We’re all for putting food on our faces. When you can use an avocado to make a delicious chocolate tartand a hydrating face mask – everything just seems right in the world.

So while the concept isn’t totally new to us, using Nutella as the chosen skin care ingredient is.

But that’s exactly what Courtney Leiva from www.bustle.com did. She covered her glowing skin in the chocolatey, mouth-watering spread and this is what happened:

Image: www.bustle.com

After applying a thick coat all over her face (no other ingredients, just glorious Nutella) and observing that it “feels like a thick gum paste on your face”, Courtney left the mask to set for 20 minutes.

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Come removal time, hot water and cleanser was needed to completely clean up her skin. Courtney’s usually dry and irritable skin appeared to have had no adverse reaction, although she also admits she didn’t see any benefits either (apart from a slight softness).

The verdict? Nutella probably won’t be your next skin care hero, but it could be fun (and delicious) to try at your next girls’ night in.

Would you try a Nutella face mask? What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put on your skin?

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