No non-scents: is your man stealing your fragrance?

No non-scents: is your man stealing your fragrance?

Hide your flacons ladies, your man may be stealing your scent. Singer Mika admits he wears women’s rose-scented perfume and rocker Tommy Lee revealed he uses a roll-on ladies’ scent, so it shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise if you catch your partner pinching a spritz or two of your favourite fragrance.

I know my hubby will happily use my ginger and nectarine-scented Dove Go Fresh Burst Deodorant but I don’t think I’ll be seeing him sneaking into my wardrobe for a spray of my Gwen Stefani L. Somehow I don’t think it would sit well on him anyway!

But what with these celebs coming out of the wood work and letting slip their penchant for women’s perfume, it could cause a knock-on effect on our guys that we ought to gear up for. Hide your fragrances ladies!

Does your man pinch your perfume? Would you mind if he did?

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