Not a pretty picture

Not a pretty picture

It’s not exactly my most frame-worthy photo, but the uncensored snapshot I’ve just had taken of my skin is certainly one of the most memorable. And the most ruthlessly illuminating. The Beau Visage just threw a spotlight on spots, capillaries, sun damage and patches of pigmentation that haven’t even begun to show on the surface yet to tell me, in no uncertain terms, precisely how old my skin is. Gasp!

But once the shock of having a forehead four (four!) sun-fried years older than my age ebbed away, a certain relief set in. Along with a pre-emptive plan…

So what is this teller of the bare truth? The Beau Visage is a new skin imaging and analysis tool that peers two millimetres beyond the superficial layer of your skin, far beyond the reach of the naked eye. Based on the science of SIAscopy (or spectrophotometric intracutaneous analysis-scopy, if you want to get techy), developed at Birmingham and Cambridge Universities in the UK for the diagnosis of skin cancer, the Beau Visage uses an intense beam of non-UV light to not only see what lies beneath, but to analyse it. “It’s like an x-ray for your skin,” explains Linda Walsh from Astron Clinica, the Beau Visage’s distribution company. “Different elements of the skin structure absorb and reflect the light in different ways, so we can accurately, and scientifically, identify conditions before they show on the skin’s surface.”

In three snapshots and a few seconds, you’ve got blueprints of the depths of your skin and, most importantly, the chance to catch out problems before they become painfully apparent. “Beau Visage lets you see the vascular bed and capillaries separately to a map of melanin, sun damage and the pattern of acne, so there is a clear delineation between conditions, which you can then target with specific treatments,” details Walsh. The technology is especially clever at pinpointing inflammatory issues, like rosacea, that can be otherwise tricky to diagnose.

And, by comparing your brutally honest pics to others in the digital database, the Beau Visage can tell whether your skin is old, young or right-on-cue for your chronological age. In my case, as-yet-invisible sun damage and spidery capillaries have conspired to give me thirty-something sections of skin in my twenties. Shriek!

But I’m not a lost cause; I’m inspired (after a few deep breaths, I admit). Tonight I launch a pre-emptive strike on those capillaries and begin to reclaim the youth of my forehead with targeted skincare. And I hope my next pose for the Beau Visage will show my progress.

Ignorance might be bliss, but I guess knowing the ugly truth is the first step to being honestly beautiful. Even if the evidence isn’t something you want to hang on the wall…

PS: Brave enough to get the full picture on your face too? Beau Visage is only new to Australia, but is becoming ever more available. Call 1300 889 340 for a Beau Visage salon or spa near you. Just be prepared…

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