NeoStrata Skin Active Eye Therapy & Day Cream

NeoStrata Skin Active Eye Therapy & Day Cream



8 females aged between 35 and 50 who are concerned with crow’s feet, lines and wrinkles, ageing skin, and sun damage.



said they noticed an improvement in their crow’s feet


said their skin appeared firmer


said they think their lines and wrinkles were less noticeable


said they would recommend these products to a friend or family member

beautyheaven says…

BEAUTYHEAVEN SAYS: , The NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 15 Day Cream is a lightweight anti-ageing day cream that works to smooth the appearance of deep wrinkles while supporting and protecting the skin. It contains NeoGlucosamine to lift, firm and plump the skin. The majority of testers were pleased with how hydrating the day cream was, and how it helped to reduce their lines and wrinkles. They also commented that the cream tightened their skin and gavetheir complexion a fresher appearance. The NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy is an eye cream formulated to build and plump the deep layers of skin around the eye area. It contains apple stem cell extract, NeoGlucosamine, peptides and caffeine to lift the eye area, smooth crows feet and reduce puffiness. The majority of testers were pleased with the reduction of puffiness and crows feet around their eyes after just a few uses. They were also impressed with the smooth, lightweight nature of the product, and how easily it absorbed into skin. Some members mentioned they were yet to see the lifting benefits of the cream, but they were still happy with the overall results. *Based on a survey of 8 beautyheaven trial team members. ReviewStartsHere [Review: My new favourite moisturiser!] [Quote: After two months of use, I have noticed the very fine lines around my cheeks and top lip have disappeared. On my neck, the skin that was starting to slightly sag has firmed up and looks tighter. Overall, my skin seems tighter, fresher and smoother.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Great Sun Protection and smooth skin] [Quote: [The day cream] comes in a wonderful pump tube and is so easy to use and there’s no wastage. I found two pumps was enough for my face. The cream is a white one with a lovely texture and consistency. It smells very pleasant too. The cream smoothed over my skin beautifully and soaked in well, leaving no greasy residue at all. My skin was well protected too because of the sunscreen.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Light and effective formula] [Quote: The pump dispenses the right amount to apply on the eyes. Due to the texture, I didn’t think the product would absorb easily around the eyes, but surprisingly it does. After a few weeks of using, I did notice the skin under my eyes was a lot softer and smoother. The wrinkles looked softer as well.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Hydrating.] [Quote: The pump dispenser [for the eye cream] was nice and compact and easy to use and I liked the look of the silver packaging. I felt like the crows feet around my eyes were plumped up and softened a little bit.] ReviewEndsHere , ReviewStartsHere [Review: Light weight good all rounder] [Quote: After the first few uses [of the eye cream], I noticed a reduction in the puffiness, and with continued use, my fine lines looked more plumped. This is the first time I have tried the NeoStrata range and I’m absolutely loving this product. It may seem a little on the pricey side, but a little goes a long way – I have been using it continuously for two months and I’d say there is another one to two months’ worth of product in this tube. Highly recommend it!] ReviewEndsHere

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