The natural solutions for blemishes you need to try now

The natural solutions for blemishes you need to try now

Despite often being grouped together, acne and blemishes are actually quite different. While acne is a skin condition caused by factors such as hormonal changes and bacterial growth, blemishes actually occur in isolation, usually due to a blockage in an individual pore. Clearing the blemish generally comes down to clearing the blockage, so it’s important to know the ingredients you can rely on in these times of need.

And if you’re keen to steer clear of the redness, peeling and dryness that often comes along with the use of chemical formulas, we’ve got good news: natural ingredients are equally as effective, and far gentler. Yep, while ingredients like benzoyl peroxide have reigned supreme in recent years, chemical-based elements have now met their natural matches in ingredients such as willow bark and tea tree; options that assist in balancing blemish-prone skin, sans aggravation.

We spoke to Sukin’s Head Product Trainer, Cathy Galileos to get the lowdown on the pros of natural formulas, how they stack up against their chemical counterparts, and why you need to add Sukin’s Blemish Control range to your skin care stash, stat.

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What are the benefits of switching to natural formulas?

1.     They’re gentler on your skin
“They naturally reduce blemish-causing bacteria without stripping the skin,” explains Cathy. And while it may seem like the ‘natural trend’ has surfaced somewhat recently, these components are actually age-old blemish busters. “Natural ingredients have been used for centuries, known for their healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties – and they can be as effective,” she says.

2.     They’re beneficial for your skin and the environment
Less chemicals on your complexion also means less chemicals in general, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your environmental ethos in the name of amazing skin. And with the latest crop of super naturals gracing beauty shelves, switching to these formulas is a true win win. “The products are free from any ingredients not sourced from renewable resources, and all Sukin formulas are carbon neutral. Using natural skin care is not only good for your skin, but also for our environment,” explains Cathy.

3.     They get to work right away
When it comes to spots, our patience is pretty much non-existent, and naturals are absolutely there for you in a time crunch. “They are incredibly fast-acting!” says Cathy, “Our Sukin Blemish Control features willowherb at an active level, and this ingredient fights the causes of blemishes in just 30 minutes.”

Which natural ingredients are best for blemish-prone skin?

There are definitely some standouts in the blemish-busting ingredient arena. Luckily for us (and our faces), Sukin have rounded up the natural breakout-fighting dream team in the form of its brilliant new Blemish Control range. With eucalyptus (an antibacterial decongestant), willowherb (a skin soothing antioxidant) and tea tree (the redness soothing MVP), blemishes really don’t stand a chance. All three ingredients also share anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve irritation in a flash. As if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the formulas also contain quince, a fruit that aids the skin by refining texture – just when you think it couldn’t get better, it does. It’s the natural ingredient equivalent of Rihanna teaming up with Destiny’s Child.

Which skin care steps are essential for keeping blemishes at bay?

Don’t get complacent once you’ve fought off the current offenders: maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your complexion clear. Here’s the routine we recommend:

1.       “Cleanse AM & PM”, Cathy advises. Add the Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash to your shower shelf stat; it’s great for purifying and keeping blemishes at bay, and its formula is packed with willowherb and coconut to keep your complexion clean, clear and calm.

2.      “Exfoliate 1-2 times per week to buff away dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt that build up [and] create congestion and breakouts,” says Cathy. If you’re looking to refine skin texture and purify your pores without a physically abrasive formula, try the Sukin Blemish Control Pore Perfecting Toner for a gentle refresh.

3.     Hydration is crucial, even if your skin type is oily. “Often those with blemishes feel they don’t need to moisturise. It’s an important step to maintain the pH level of the skin and keep skin hydrated,” Cathy explains. Sukin’s Blemish Control Oil Free Moisturiser is the ultimate hydrator for healing and balancing blemish-prone skin; its lightweight formula works to moisturise without adding excess shine, leaving skin smooth, soothed and invigorated.

4.       Spot target with Sukin’s Blemish Control Spot Banishing Gel. “It works fast to fight against breakouts with willowherb, the anti-bacterial benefits of eucalyptus and also quince to improve the health of your skin,” says Cathy. Talk about a triple threat. Want to test-drive the range before stocking up? The Sukin Blemish Control Kit has everything you need to naturally bust your blemishes without stressing out your skin. Try it now, thank us later.

Have you tried any of the natural solutions mentioned in this article? What’s your favourite natural ingredient for combating spots?

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  1. I love the entire Sukin range, however I don’t find their Spot Clearing gel as effective as I’d hoped. After applying the gel over a few spots over a few days, I didn’t see a noticeable difference- they just got bigger! I’m still using it to see if it changes my mind, but at this stage I probably wouldn’t repurchase.

  2. It is great to see a natural brand go all out to make so many excellent products, I have tried a few of Sukin products but i still worry how cheap they are and whether all the ingredients are natural.

  3. Some great tips, I’ve used the spot control cream. I would say it doesn’t work quite as fast as the stronger options available, but it feels nicer and is still effective.

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