Natural beauties who know how to work it


Isn’t make-up great? Yeah, I know I’m totally encouraged to say that in this gig, but with its ability to change the way we look in so many diverse ways – it really is something else.

Do you know what else is cool? Letting your features do the talking. That is, rocking a more natural look and using make-up to enhance what you have rather than changing it – or covering it up.

While some celebs rock the socks off a smoky eye and a red lip that’s hotter than the Sahara, right now we’re paying homage to the special few who have the ability to wear a natural look like no-one’s business. Take a look through our selection of fabulous celebrities with simple make-up and let us know if you think they well and truly rock a barefaced brand of beauty – or if they look better with a face full of slap.

Which celebrity in our gallery do you think does the natural beauty look best?

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Christina Aguilera: natural

The sassy songstress looks fresh and youthful when she loses the heavy slap and concentrates on her best features, yes?

Christina Aguilera: made up

Xtina is known for sporting a fiery red lip strong enough to match her vocal chords, but how much is too much?

Jessica Biel: natural

Though often considered too beige, you could never accuse Biel of being anything less than flawless.

Jessica Biel: made up

While we welcome a pop of colour, we can’t help but feel like this just doesn’t work quite as it should.

Kate Bosworth: natural

Known for her street-ready brand of beauty, Bosworth knows just how to pull off ‘sexy without effort.’

Kate Bosworth: made up

While we commend her jump into bang-on-trend berry, the lip look just isn’t a clear winner.

Nicole Richie: natural

Known for her boho style, Nicole knows how to accentuate her best features without going too heavy with the slap.

Nicole Richie: made up

Too much bronzer can make you look muddy. The red lip is flawless, but together it’s just a touch too much.

Natalie Portman: made up

While designed to make you feel fabulous, sometimes heavy eye make-up and blush that’s a little too bright can actually age you! Eek!

Natalie Portman: natural

Fresh, pregnant Natalie looks as though she’s wearing a halo. If you could buy that skin in a bottle I’d stock up.

Mila Kunis: natural

With her sultry olive complexion and stand-out features, Mila doesn’t have to wear an inch of make-up to look amazing.

Mila Kunis: made up

While there’s no doubt the smoky colour works, Mila’s eyes are too show-stopping to be overshadowed. Pardon the pun.

Amanda Seyfried: natural

What can we say? She has the most amazing skin and eyes in Hollywood. She needs make-up like a bird needs a jet plane.

Amanda Seyfried: made up

Can you ever be too striking? I’m not sure. But if you could I’m pretty sure this is what it’d look like.

Lauren Conrad: natural

Silky skin, a hint of blush and groomed brows are your ticket to natural beauty-town. Fresh has a new face.

Lauren Conrad: madeup

The queen of the winged liner wears it well, but too much slap can take away from your amazing ‘do, dontcha know?

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