The Wardrobe Hack Sunrise’s Nat Barr Uses To Maintain Confidence At Age 53

The Wardrobe Hack Sunrise’s Nat Barr Uses To Maintain Confidence At Age 53

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, morning TV show hosts are keepers of the best beauty secrets.

After all, when you’re expected to be up and out of bed in the wee hours, you need the eye cream hacks of Brook Boney and everyday moisturiser of Lisa Wilkinson to get you through.

But for Sunrise‘s Natalie Barr, the best boost to her confidence comes from a colourful wardrobe. “My ‘real life’ involves a lot of black, navy and brown, but my ‘Sunrise life’ is all about colour, so I get to be a different version of me,”  the breakfast TV host told Woman’s Day. “I’m so much more open-minded working with a stylist who says, ‘Just try it on!’ I love a jacket but it used to be the only thing we were allowed to wear. Now the whole world of fashion has opened up to us.”


Since taking over co-host duties from Samantha Armytage earlier this year, Nat’s glowing face has been on our TV screens most mornings. And according to Woman’s Day, her youthful look is all thanks to a short and sharp exercise regimen and “simple meal plan”.


“I haven’t had Botox – though no judgement if you do,” Nat shared. “I’m just glad the viewer doesn’t expect us all to be 23.”

Apparently the 53-year-old prefers to stick to laser treatments and facials instead. Oh how we miss the salon right now…

Main image credit: @natalie_barr7

Do you like to dress in colour? What’s your go-to for a confidence boost?

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  1. Don’t like bright colours. I love natural colours… and smokey shades. After all, wasn’t cosmetics produced to enhance your natural beauty. Not take over like a kids colouring book. Thanks just my personal opinion only.

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