Mythbusters: men’s grooming put to the test

Mythbusters: men’s grooming put to the test

Picture the scene: you’ve just returned from the shops with the latest of the latest in, say mascara. It promises to simultaneously lengthen, plump, tint and boost like never before. You’re amazed. Excited even. Your boyfriend just rolls his eyes. He doesn’t believe a word. He is hard to win over.

So we’ve rounded up a collection of difficult-to-please guys (and one woman) to source real, honest opinions on the latest lotions and gadgets for guys into grooming.

Dr. LeWinn’s Men’s Eye Cream
“If you, like many other guys, have skin that suffers from environmental or work stress, then you need this product. This eye cream has really reduced the appearance of some of the fine lines in my eye area. I use it for my crow’s feet, on the bridge of my nose and around my eyebrow area – it works really well! The cream is quite light and has a slightly “gel” quality to it. Again, Dr LeWinn has provided the perfect measured pump so as not to waste any product – one pump is all you need! A very fine product from a very reputable company!” – Ian

Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard & Soothing Shave Cream
“At first I wasn’t sure about the pre-shave guard, I’ve never found them to work or change the shaving experience at all in the past. Normally after seven days of growth there is a great dragging sensation which is quite painful but with these products I could hardly feel that I was shaving at all. The razor glided over my skin very smoothly and softly. I was surprised at how easy the product had made it and I’m pleased to say after trying this product I would definitely purchase again. It was one of the best shaves I’ve ever had.” – Lewis

VS Sassoon Metro Aqua Body Shave and Groom
“To be honest I was more afraid of losing the rather pathetic attempt at chest hair I’d grown over the years than the actual shaving itself! I think the thing I was most scared of was that nasty shaving rash and the annoying itch that comes with using just about any razor. I turned it on, pushed the blade towards my chest and then, well, nothing. My fear of an itchy and uncomfortable chest suddenly evaporated because the Aqua Body Shave and Groom was actually really, really good. Really easy to use, left my skin smooth, didn’t hurt at all and after you’re done, you just pop it back into its charger…. No messy chords. To be honest I was so into it I thought I’d keep shaving, until my girlfriend took it out of my hands saying I’d look like a fool if I did that, there!” – Michael

Nautica Voyage
“This is a great daytime fragrance. It’s got an aqua scent but not nearly as strong as, say, Cool Water. It’s more subtle and not as sweet so makes for a great daytime, refreshing fragrance.” – Charlie

Nad’s For Men Xfol Follicle Release Scrub
“This scrub is nice and grainy so you can really feel it work. The gel-like consistency is good to clean the body and the grains make it a good, all-over scrub. The scent isn’t super masculine but it’s still pleasant.” – Murray

Palmolive for Men Active Care
“Masculine all the way with this two in one shampoo and body wash. The light blue gel foams up to a frothing lather, surprisingly refreshing, soft and moisturising. This convenient bottle has non-slip grips on the side for ease of use. This take-anywhere bottle replaces all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, moisturisers and soap. A must for all holiday, camping, travel needs, reducing the clutter and cumbersome products that take up all the extra space.” – gemini69

SKINN Daily Moisture
“Smells a bit chemical-y – which is not necessarily a turn off. It’s better than lavender or rosewater. It’s not the least bit greasy and rubs in easily, but that’s probably because of the lack of a high SPF, something the does play on my mind especially as we come into summer. Two hours after application my skin feels and looks good. No shine!” – Guy

Guerlain Homme Refreshing Deodorant Stick
“It has a very sophisticated and refreshing scent. I like the way that it almost feels like an aftershave and deodorant in one. For this reason I’d use it more as a night time deodorant than your everyday run-of-the-mill one.” – Dave

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