7 must-have beauty and health apps


If something promises to make our lives easier, we’re huge fans – and thanks to smartphones, all the information your heart desires is at your fingertips.

We’ve rounded up the must-have beauty and health apps that are bound to make you look and feel better in mere minutes. So, clear your storage space and start downloading!


Not sure if short hair will suit you? Want to find out if you can pull off falsies? Or, are you keen to test a smoky eye without putting on a single swipe of eyeshadow? Enter Modiface – a virtual makeover app that takes the effort out of finding your perfect beauty look. Simply upload a picture, get comfy, and  experiment with thousands of foundations, blush and lipstick shades, as well as hair colours.

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If you often find yourself in desperate need of a last-minute blow-dry, brow wax or spray tan before a date or special event, download this app ASAP. It lists free and cancelled appointments at various hair and beauty salons in Sydney and Melbourne. And if you’re lucky, you might even score a discount. See, being disorganised does pay off sometimes!

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So now that you’ve worked out how old you really look in photos thanks to How-Old.net (if you missed out on doing this, click here), find out how your skin has aged over the years with the Beautiful Me app. Using your photos, it analyses changes to your facial features, make-up, and hair, and suggests which products will work best for you.

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Are you serious about weight loss?  Do you want to be held accountable for your daily diet and exercise goals? You go girl! Well, this app will make sure you stay on course. Based on your health goals, it tracks your daily calorie intake and exercise and your overall progress over time.

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For twenty minutes a day, this app will help you let the world slip away and find your inner happy place. Perfect for stress relief, the app allows you to choose between different types of guided meditation to relax, reconnect, and tune in to your inner zen. #bliss

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This super savvy app calculates your local areas’ UV level to let you know what time you need sun protection, and when it’s safe to step outside to get a dose of vitamin D. It also features a 7-day weather forecast so you’re never caught without a brolly.

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Sure, we all know we should be drinking a ton of water, but do you really know how much H20 you’re actually guzzling? The iDRATED app shows you how much water you should be drinking on the daily based on your age and weight. It also features an easy-to-use function to log your water intake and reminds you when to top up your hydration levels.

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What beauty and health apps do you love? Will you be downloading any of these ones?

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