I Finally Found A Product That Helps To Fade My Acne Scars

I Finally Found A Product That Helps To Fade My Acne Scars

I’d spent countless hours envisioning the day my hormonal acne would finally subside; me, makeup-free, without even the hint of a blemish brewing under the surface. And after a two year stint, that day did come (sort of). 

What I didn’t factor into this vision of my perfectly poreless, ageless and, most importantly, pimple-less self, was the trail of scarring and dark pigmentation that was to be left behind. 

Much like anyone who has suffered with persistent breakouts, adult acne, or any kind of recurring pimple knows, it was ‘one step forward and two steps back’. 

While my active acne patches had almost entirely exited the building, what was left behind wasn’t the same clear, bright skin I had before. Instead, it was a scattering of dark, uneven spots. And in some lights, you could even see the faint outline of textural scarring.

Dealing with the discolouration and uneven skin tone proved almost as tricky as getting rid of the actual acne itself, which leads me to the latest and greatest addition to my skin care routine: Murad’s InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment ($56 for 15ml at Adore Beauty and $84 for 30ml at Sephora). 

The product

Designed to spot treat scars, this resurfacing treatment has been formulated with antioxidants and vitamin C to fade post-blemish dark spots. It’s also an effective exfoliator, with BHAs like salicylic acid also on its ingredients list.

According to the products description, the resurfacing treatment “instantly fills pitted scars and is clinically proven to minimise the look of scar size, depth, texture and discolouration in eight weeks.” 

And you know what, reading this ingredient list and the claims that came with it, I felt as though I’d heard it all before. I’d tried products with the same lineup of actives that hadn’t really made much of a difference. So I wasn’t expecting any miracles.

My experience

Two things: firstly, I’m not a pimple picker, prodder or poker.

Acne scarring is often linked to excessive touching of blemishes, and for this I can say hand on heart that I am innocent. 

Nevertheless, my good behaviour wasn’t rewarded and here I am, scars and all.

Secondly, I’ve never used a Murad product before.

I’ve heard amazing things from friends who swear by their products, but the effectiveness of their clinically-tested formulas was something I hadn’t experienced first-hand. 

For over $80 a pop, the bottle seemed so tiny at first. But  I was soon relieved to discover that it is to be used as a spot treatment and not for the entire face. On first impressions I thought it was expensive, however, almost three months on, it surprisingly still hasn’t run out.

Due to the temperamental nature of the hormonal acne around my chin and jaw over the years, this wasn’t an area of my face that I messed with lightly.

If I was putting something on it, you bet that I had done my research. And luckily for me, Murad had run a trial of their own, in which 100 per cent of participants agreed that their scar texture became smoother and more even after using this product.

Despite the claims of noticing a visible difference to scarring within eight weeks, I began to see a brightening of my own dark spots within only three. I applied the cream both morning and night, every day. 

Thanks to the blurring powders within the formula, it’s silky-smooth matte texture actually made for the perfect primer to sit under makeup. And when it came to my nighttime skin routine, I would apply it as the last step, targeting my scarring and in place of where I’d typically have used a pimple spot treatment.

The final verdict

Well, the sceptic in me is surprised to admit that this product really did something. 

Although all signs pointed to Murad, I made sure I did an audit of my routine to ensure there was nothing else contributing to the fading of my stubborn discolouration. 

I racked my brain to think what other products I’d introduced or taken away and even reflected on any lifestyle changes I might’ve made. Was I drinking more water, exercising more, had I been less stressed?

Mmm nope. Nada. Murad was the only change I’d made in the last three months. So all my relief, praise and disbelief in the improvement of what was beginning to feel like a permanent fixture on my face goes to this small white and blue bottle. 

I entered this experience a Murad-virgin, spotted with dark patches and uneven texture, and am leaving it with (not perfect) but significantly improved acne scarring and restored belief in a day when my makeup-free vision might become a reality. 

Have you ever experienced acne scarring or pigmentation? What products have you used?

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  1. The results look amazing!! I have some acne scars along my jaw and chin must mostly my cheeks. I have used serums that promote an even skin tone and vit a serums but nothing has resulted this good.

  2. I don’t go along with the “don’t pop your pimples” school of thought. I would always pop my pimples and then clean and dry out the site, and no scarring. My friends who didn’t pop were left with scars. I always felt that leaving them to fester was not a good idea.

    • S-P I think same. I had really bad acne situation for years (bad eating habits). And blackheads were also huge issue. I would pop and clean them up and disinfect afterwards. But did not see those blackheads just under jaw line on side. BEcause they were left in for a long time they created permanent holes. Not too many , just a couple of them. I feel if gunk is left in for too long it stretches skin permanently. I have not one scar from all this acne that were all over my face, especially cheeks and forehead.

      • That’s interesting about the permanent holes from not popping them out! wow okay so it is a great thing to really get them out – not that I barely get them at all anymore but I used too and very badly in my 20’s and had super bad hormonal acne as well with loads of scars and horid skin. So glad that is all over!

    • I also agree, if I leave them, they just get worse and worse and they stick around for weeks/months – all the scars I have is when I tried to just use topical treatments and let them sit (worse advice I ever followed). If I pop them and clean up the area my skin heals in a matter of days with no scars.

  3. The results look great! Definitely makes a difference!

    I’ve had good luck with rosehip oil – it got rid of those red spots remaining weeks after a zit has healed. But, I didn’t have cystic acne scars, just regular old zits.

  4. I haven’t used any products yet to get rid of my scarring, I really need to! Maybe I’ll start with this product it may work for me. I have heard about Murad i know clinics in NZ sell it. but honestly, a lot of clinics SELL products but not solutions if that makes sense just to make money. So i’m glad i’ve seen this so next time i’ll give this one a go

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