How To Make Your Morning Skincare Routine More Than Mediocre

How To Make Your Morning Skincare Routine More Than Mediocre

I believe that no beauty ritual should be viewed as a chore – especially those that have to be done once a day or more. Which is why the moment I looked at my cleanser and toner bottles and sighed, I knew something had to be done. Now, I’m sure you’ll agree that every time you lay down for a facial or treatment, you’re automatically on an express train to cloud nine. Is it the candlelit surroundings and soothing ocean music? Or is it simply the care that the therapist takes with your face (even though she’s essentially just cleansing, toning, moisturising for the majority of the treatment)?

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Either way, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure that your morning routine is far from tedious…

Take your time

This means not just slathering a pad with cleanser and smooshing it over your face. My trick is to fill up your sink with warm water, add a few drops of a nice essential oil and take in the scent as you begin your beauty routine.

Make it comfortable

Don’t rub your eyes with a makeup wipe. Rather, dip your pads into warm water before adding cleanser and pressing the pads over your eyes to remove stubborn makeup.

Swipe, don’t tug

Your complexion is delicate – you wouldn’t see beauty therapists tugging at that delicate skin – so make sure you swipe your cleanser over your eyes and face in long, graceful motions so you feel as though you’re being seen to by a professional.

Make friends with mist

Did you know that your skin absorbs product more when it’s damp? When you apply your skin care products to damp skin, the active ingredients are absorbed on a deeper level. So, If you’re not getting straight out of the shower you can use a mist to gently spritz your face and dampen your skin before applying product. 

Use a jade roller

Not only will a jade roller look chic in your bathroom cabinet, but it will help to cool, tighten and depuff your complexion. Use it after you apply your serum, rolling downwards to promote lymphatic drainage. 

Wait at least a minute between each product

To allow your skin care products to absorb properly, wait at least a minute between each product. But you don’t have to waste precious minutes while you wait. I like to brush my teeth, lay out my clothes for the day or go make a coffee. 

Add an antioxidant 

Try adding in a serum with Vitamin C in it, which will brighten your complexion and help protect your complexion against sun damage. 

Don’t forget sunscreen

It might be the last step in your routine, but it’s the most important. Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you leave the house to protect your skin from UV rays that promote premature aging. 

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Have you tried any of the tips that we mentioned? What is your favourite way to get that salon-quality feeling at home? 

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