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BIODERMA Atoderm Cream is an ultra-rich moisturising and restructuring daily cream that can be used on the face and body by the whole family. The cream absorbs quickly to moisturise and soothe skin. It can also be used after the BIODERMA Atoderm PO Zinc, once flare-ups have disappeared.
Fragrance-free, hypoallergenic.

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200mL / 500mL

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Miracle Worker!

I got a sample size of this cream and at first I just thought it was just another moisturiser. How wrong I was! I have had a small patch of itchy dry skin on my shin that I've had on and off for a few years. Lately it had been refusing to disappear at all. I had been to doctors and got steroid creams which would work for a day or two and then flare up.
One night I decided to try this sample on it and I have not looked back. In two days it had cleared up so much.

It has a nice rich feel without being too oily that is absorbed into the skin straight away. The smell is subtle and not overpowering.

This is going on my need to have at all times list! Fantastic product.

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Highly Moisturising

I received a number of sachet samples of this cream and it is amazing...I will be purchasing a full sized one as soon as possible.
The moisturiser is thick in texture and richly hydrating, which is perfect for my super-dry skin. It has a lovely subtle scent.

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Rich Cream, Great For Dry Skin

Bioderma Atoderm Cream 200ml comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a click open swing lid.
The cream is a moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin.
It can be used on face and body.
It's applied once or twice a day to clean skin.
The cream is white with a thick consistency.
The texture is smooth, creamy and rich.
It is fragrance free so there is minimal smell.
I apply small amounts of the cream, it smoothes onto skin and feels soothing and nourishing.
It massages well, a portion penetrates into skin layers, absorbing nicely and a portion gives a protective layer to skin, it's a nourishing barrier that protects skin from drying elements.
The cream softens and smoothes immediately, it only takes one application to start feeling supple results with skin.
I like the super rich cream, it's very moisturising and keeps skin conditioned.
I only have to use a small amount of cream to keep skin nourished.
Dry skin is a thing of the past when using the cream.
It's versatile, can be used on face and body and can be used on adults, children and babies.
Regular use of the cream raises skin's tolerance threshold.

Made in France

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Soothing and gentle

I received two deluxe samples of this in my bellabox awhile back. I use this when my skin needs a bit of extra moisture, usually after I do a face mask. I tend to use this my face rather than my body. I actually have mild sensitive skin on my face, but my skin isn't dry. I do have oily skin, so my face can look a touch shiny after I have applied this. However, it's easily fixed with blotting paper. Despite having oily skin, this product does not break me out. This is an extremely gentle moisturiser, and it's also great for dry skin on your elbows. I also love the fact it doesn't have a scent, I don't really like moisturisers I put onto my face to smell. Would I purchase a full 200ml size? Yes I would, I mostly use it on my face so it's actually very affordable.

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Saviour for stubborn itchy dry skin

I picked up this product from beautorium, curious to see if it would be good for my dry skin. The cream itself is quite thin, more like a lotion, however it works wonders. I get scaly patches of ezcema and it not only stops the itch, it resolve it fairly quickly. This is a fantastic alternative to prescription creams. I've also used it on dry flakey areas like my elbows. The cream sinks into the dry skin really easily and instantly makes it soft and moisturised. It doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling at all. Best of all, it can also be used on the face. The product is a little bit pricey but well worth the price tag.

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Lovely skin product

I hav e used this "Bioderma "Atoderm Creme" on my scaly legs for over a week now. The scaliness has all gone. I am so happy that this has happened, my legs did not look good without stockings in the summer time, I now feel that they are in good condition for the coming warm weather. Wil;l keep on using this product to make sure the scale doesn't return.

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Great double duty product.

I was introduced to this cream through a product sample, and so glad I was because I use it regularly for myself and my baby. I even caught my partner using it on some of his rough skin and that is saying something because he hates "products"!
The packaging is great because it has a pump top, which
makes it convenient and hygienic to use, and it is nice and simple looking, so my partner isn't scared off by it!
The product is lightweight, fragrance free and absorbs so easily into the skin. It feels moisturised instantly but also you notice the barrier, almost like sorbolene cream but not as heavy. It stops moisture being lost but also protects from the elements, so your skin stays hydrated and soft all day.
It is very gentle and can be used on sensitive and dry skin, even on newborns! My partner has very sensitive skin an my baby looks like she will take after him so I was happy to find something I could use on her without causing a reaction or rash.
It is a little on the expensive side but you can potentially use it on your face too if you have normal or dry skin type, that isn't too oily, so it is a wonderful multi-use cream and I highly recommend it.

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Glosscars Nomination review

As a person that suffers with eczema I was thrilled when I was told about this wonderful range of products.

This cream comes in two different sizes. A 500ml pump or a 200ml flip-top tube. I have the 200ml size and found that the tube has a safety tab when you first purchase it so you know the contents haven't been tampered with. The tube stands on its end which is something I always like. It means its much easier to get the product out when you are getting near the end. The flip top lid snaps shut really well and seems quite secure.
The product itself is a white cream that is fragrance free, but as with all fragrance free products there is a very, very light nondescript scent. This cream spreads easily and penetrates rapidly, so its wonderful if you have just jumped out of the shower and are getting dressed to go out. Its best to apply this on slightly damp skin and by the time you are ready to get dressed your skin would have soaked the cream up so you can put clothing on straight away with no concerns of it ever staining your clothing. The cream holds the water in the upper layers of the epidermis and prevents it from evaporating.
Bioderma advertises this cream as an all over product and says you can use it not only on your body, but on your face as well, and its so gentle that the entire family can use it including children. It's also safe to use it on baby's skin. I have not used this product on my face but feel it would be wonderful for anyone that has sensitive skin and is battling with a dryness issue.

I found that this product did not cause any upset to my eczema and it left my skin feeling lovely and soft. My 200ml tube will last a long time as you really dont need much product at all.

It is certainly worth a try if you have sensitive skin issues.

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Best in Beauty 2012: Excellent moisturiser for real results

I have already reviewed this but it is definitely worthy of a Best in Beauty award. This moisturiser has maintained the integrity of my fiance's skin throughout the whole of winter, something that we have never managed before. This rich cream deeply hydrates and absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. I bought the 500ml pump pack and he used it head-to-toe throughout winter, and there is plenty left.

This moisturiser has done wonders for his skin, the more we used it, the more improvement we saw, it was quite amazing and I don't think we'll ever be without it now. Bioderma has some outstanding products, but their Atoderm range is something special.

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French pharmacy items the love affair continues

As a new member of BH. I wanted to review the products that I have purchased that are nominated for Best in Beauty.
It is frightening how many many of the nominated products that I own.
More revealing has been the amount of French Pharmacy items that I buy
I am lucky enough to go to France every couple of years and stock up it is also very pleasing that they are more readily available in Australia
Now to
Bioderma Atoderm Cream
I have used this on my body for years
I hate anything that leaves a greasy residue on my skin so Atoderm is perfect for me.
I always buy the 500 ml bottle. It last me 6 months which I think is great value for money

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