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Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz is a light breathable spray that it safe to use on all skin types. This rose water hydration-saver-mist provides an invisible shield over the face to set make-up for all-day wear. Also contains aloe-vera to maintain moisture and promote soft skin.


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Available at Priceline, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

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Doesn't really make makeup last any longer, but it is a good refreshing spray for when the skin need to be rehydrated.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Carrie144.



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A Wonderful Finishing Spray

This finishing spray does help my make-up last more longer with powder on alone and it also help the pressed powder to look more nicer. It also leaves my skin refreshed. This finishing spray was an nice rosie scent. I love it and still learning how to use this spray bottle so I don't use too much. I will re-purchase this product when I finish it.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by bmill229.



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This doesn't make your makeup last any longer, but i reach for it after every makeup application to help settle and melt my makeup into my skin, and to also leave it refreshed. This doesn't smell too bad but press your lips together when you spray this as it tastes absolutely fowl!
Some people like to spray this on their brushes before applying foundation also.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Izabelle.



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I have been using Australis Make-up Finishing Spritz for ages now. It is so affordable and lasts forever. The spray comes out as a super-fine mist, that doesn't disturb makeup, just puts a light veil over top.
I also like to use this just for a face revitaliser. A few little sprays and my face feels alive again; hydrated and refreshed.
It has a lovely subtle scent too - a tad rose scented, very pretty.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by iluvfacialz.



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Nice, Cheap, Alright

I use this product to help settle the powder on my face when i go overboard and it works wonders. Furthermore i spray some on my face to rehydrate and refresh my makeup after a long day. It is wonderful for the price. However i wish they repackaged it so that it sprayed a finer mist.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Emma835.

Temporary Pr...


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Rosewater scent

This has a lovely rosewater scent, which can be very refreshing on hot days! This is meant to be a finishing spray, and while I think it kind of does help in extending the longevity of my makeup with primer beneath everything, I don't think this holds quite as well as certain other brands.

Additionally, the bottle I got was quite 'spitty', resulting in it spraying quite a bit of liquid over my face. I had to decant it to make it a misting spray.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Temporary Princess.



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Mostly happy with this

The first time I heard about this product, I thought it was a miracle in a bottle.
Since purchasing and trying the product I'd have to say that I am mostly pleased with it, it's refreshing, it takes away the powdery look I get from my foundation powders and it's great on a hot day for a bit of a freshen up.
Then only draw back is that with my oily/combination skin, my makeup doesn't stay in place as promised.
I have and will buy this product again though.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Le_Bijou.



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Sets makeup for dancing all night!

I love this spray - I received a sample of it and as soon as I finished that I went out and bought the full size. I use two-three light sprays each day and it really helps take away that powdery look on your face without doing anything to damage the coverage. I love using this for nights out where I know I will need extra staying power for my makeup, this minimises the need for touch ups during the night as your makeup is firmly in place! $15 seems a little steep especially for Australis which is normally a cheaper brand however I feel it is worth it for the amount of product you do get and the fact that it takes away the need to carry extra makeup in your bag to touch up with.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by aweedz.



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face spritz

I use this purely because I like the refreshing feeling of the spray on my face after I've applied makeup. I honestly haven't seen any difference, the makeup stays on for as long as it does without the spray.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by lilys775.



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This finishing spray is really great at getting rid of a over powdered face which i mostly use it for. The smell is a calming rose sent and it does feel nice and light on the skin. As for the extra staying powder I would have to say its on the average side, I have found that it can make some mascaras run even if your spraying from a 30cm distance. The price is good. I would probably re-buy as it does such a good job at making makeup look more natural.

Read the full review of Make-up Finishing Spritz by Keone143.

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